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10 Day Trial For Only $10. Money Back Guarantee.

More lines = more calls = more sales, right? Plus smarter tracking and conversion features help you continually improve campaigns. 

*Automatic billing will begin after the last day of your trial, you must notify us if you would like to cancel before your trial ends.

**We require your cancellation to be written, either by emailing or submitting a form within the dialer or on our website.

Dial 200 Leads Per Hour

With Local Presence, peoples’ Caller ID shows a local area code.
Accept inbound calls with your ProspectBoss number, each account comes with one!
Call Transfer lets you transfer calls to another agent at any time.

Facebook Lead Integration

Connect-To-Sell allows you to instantly contact any lead that fills out a lead form.
Our CRM Dialer will rank the hottest leads so you can target the most converting prospects..

1 Year Drip FollowUp Campaign

Set up year long campaigns to keep engagement with leads.
AUse calls, emails, texts, video messages and voicemail drops to target your prospects.

Ringless Voicemail Drops

Drop your message on your recipients phone without it ringing!

Text and Video Messaging

SMS Broadcast and Drip Campaigns lets you send text and video messages to your leads.
Add emojis and hyperlinks to any message!
Credits are as low as $10 per month.

Sales Content Library

Need help with calling scripts? Get access to your industries top scripts for converting leads.
Access to hundreds of follow up drip campaigns for quick engagement.

Hot List

Our algorithm ranks your best leads, so you contact the highest converting prospects.

The phone dialer that’s easy to learn, easy to use, easy to love.
  • The integrated solution for lead gen, notifications, appointments
  • Mac & Windows compatible, unlike Windows-only phone dialers
  • Since it’s web based, there’s no equipment to buy, store or set up
  • Make up to 225 dials per hour, per agent; a lot better than before
  • Quicker connections & better voice quality than predictive dialers
  • Lower ongoing costs than most similar systems
  • Subscription based pricing includes all calling charges
  • Since it’s cloud based, agents can work remotely or from home
  • Agents can operate via landline, cell phone or soft phone
  • Training videos and webinars so agents can teach themselves
  • FREE Live technical support if anyone has a question or issue
  • Hourly plans let you control costs and number of calls
  • Flexible and scalable, from five agents to hundreds
  • Automatic Renewal of monthly & yearly plans, to keep life simple
  • Call Transfer lets you transfer calls to another agent at any time
  • Use Call Recording for archiving, training and staff improvement
  • Synchs with Gmail or Outlook calendars to set appointments
  • Clean, intuitive interface for simple, seamless workflow
  • Intuitive Dialing means it’ll stop dialing if agent is on a long call
  • If the prospect isn’t reached, they’re put back on the list
  • With Local Presence, peoples’ Caller ID shows a local area code
  • Gamify your sales efforts and build competition between agents
  • Customize the dial order to suit your campaign preferences
  • Can use a pre-recorded message drop for answering machines
  • Integrated daily planner for follow-up call reminders
  • Agent can use either click-to-call or automatic dialing
  • Companion iPhone app to manage campaigns & appointments
  • SMS Broadcast lets you send text messages to your leads

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