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About ProspectBoss

Frustration, inefficiency, and how we ended
up in the automatic call dialer business.

Making your numbers ain’t always easy. We know; we’ve spent decades with headsets stuck to our ears, pitching all kinds of stuff to all kinds of people. Then the recession hit, and everyone we knew was working even harder, and getting less in return.

Frustrating, right?

We figured there’s gotta be a better way, so we waited for someone to come up with it, and we waited.

Automatic call dialer technology started offering some solutions, but they all seemed patched together. The built-in inefficiencies still kept sales teams from gaining any real traction.

So we tried this and tried that. Our team stumbled across better ways to merge CRM and telephony. The results? We coughed up features that magically seemed to convert better. We had a revelation that creating a cloud-based dialer could be configured for a new level of flexibility.
And yeah, we obsessed a little.

Okay, a lot. We found ways to synchronize everything until it worked so well that it surprised us. Then things we were selling really started selling.

Over some celebratory beers one day, we looked back at what we had accomplished, and somehow came to the conclusion that this was too big to keep it to ourselves.

So we got the bright idea to smooth out the final rough edges, pretty up the interface, and share it with the world.

That’s pretty much how CRM Dialer was born. And you know what? Thousands of sales teams all over the world ‘got it.’ They quickly saw the elegance, potential, and efficiency the product offered them.

A new customer named Daniel McRae wrote, “My first hour I booked 5 appointments on one line. Unbelievable and amazing, I just loved it. I was so pumped I upgraded to 3 lines!”
That also pumped us up, so we kept improving the automatic call dialer that became the CRM Dialer, and we added other products that telephone sales teams seemed to need.

Awards and great reviews followed, as well as an ‘A’ rating by the Better Business Bureau. In fact, during one period of time, big companies like Keller Williams adopted our system.

But you know what the best part was for us? When our customers suggested features that would make our systems

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