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Don’t want to prospect or make phone calls?

We at ProspectBoss have the knowledge and training in place to build your complete sales team for prospecting all types of medicare leads. Have an experienced VA use ProspectBoss to engage Medicare (T-65) and 66-75 plan changers, Just sit back and let us do everything for you. All you do is contact the interested leads to go over the medicare plans and close the sale.

One Time onboarding and training Fee $1195 Down

$199 Monthly training fee:

Agent Expectations:

You should expect a minimum of 4 appointments per day. There are areas that will not support this, however, there are areas that will provide 8-10 appointments per day.

There is a weekly training call for VA’s. Your VA will be required to be on the training calls. This is followed by a weekly call for agents, we encourage you to participate. We have found the most successful agents do so.

Ongoing Costs paid to the VA – $3.00 per hour x 160 Hours per month: $480 Monthly

Agents will be provided a link for onboarding. They will be required to provide the information requested on that link. There will be a 7 day turnaround time from when an agent signs up to when prospecting will start.

This consists of:

  • ProspectBoss Username and Password (for both Manager and Agent account)
  • Data or leads are provided for free.
  • Agent needs to set up a Skype account
  • Requested Start Date:
  • Three States in order of priority:

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