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Increase Answer Rates with BrandedBoss Caller ID

Tired of your business showing as scam likely? Turn ignored calls into quality conversations with BrandedBoss Caller ID

Brands often struggle with the phone call in fact, 87% of people admitted they don’t engage with unknown numbers. When they do answer unknown numbers, they’re not prepared to engage.

– First Orion


  • Personalized, 32-character message
  • Displays company name
  • Displays message in call log
  • Brand protection from scammers
  • Reaches 280 million+ U.S. devices

Become a Trusted Business Again

Tell your customers who’s calling – Business’ who identity themselves can see an increase in engagement and an increase in meaningful connections.

With ProspectBoss, you can brand yourself to over 280 million mobile phones across T-Mobile and Verizon networks. With AT&T networks coming in Q3 2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are calls branded?

Branded calls will vary depending on recipient’s carrier and device. Your compant name and location will be displayed on all devices, while some calls will also display reason for your call.

What number will be branded?

Currently, we only allow your PB number to be branded. We are working on allowing owned numbers to be branded in the future.

Does this work for all agents?

Yes! Each agent account is assigned their own PB number that can be branded. You can contact to get the numbers set up.

Does BrandedBoss Caller ID cost extra?

Yes, BrandedBoss Caller ID will be $0.05 per call and will be offered in packages based on call volume. Credits will not expire and you’ll be able to see all packages offered in the sign up form.

What calls are branded?

We currently have T-Mobile and Verizon networks available, which covers over 280+ million devices. AT&T coverage is planned to release in Q3 2022 and SMS branding is planned to release in Q4 2022.

What do I need to setup BrandedBoss Caller ID?

Setup is very easy! You’ll select what call volume package you want and complete a form with your business information. Branded calls will typically be live within 1-2 days.

Ready to branded your calls?

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