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Phonathon Students

Fundraising Dialer

Phone fundraising will always do much better than online and mail fundraising because:
  • Its low-cost tools
  • More personal than altrnatives
  • Can boost direct mail responses
  • Scalable
  • Anyone can do it!



SMS Marketing

SMS Texting is inexpensive to add to your fundraising programs. At only $0.01 per credit, you can start texting your donors instantly with up to 120 characters including emojis and hyperlinks. Plans start as low as $10 per month and credits roll over.

CRM Capabilities

Easily search, organize and manage donors and their contact history within one system. With separate “Manager” and “Dialer” accounts, callers can call off a given list and disposition donors while manager accounts can view calling reports and history.


Send email blasts, schedule drip e-mails, or send ‘em on-the-fly to supplement your fundraising dialer efforts, and track results from coordinated campaigns. You’ll know when an email is opened, so you can call right away. Create and save templates, and include pictures and video. Email Marketing is included with our 3-line and 4-line dialers; it costs $10/month with 1-line dialers.

Important Uses of Dialer Fundraising Calls:

Say thank you! Every single donor should be thanked on the phone if at all possible!

Welcome calls to new donors boost retention by 30%.

Ask a lapsed donor to renew their pledge. Why not?

If you called all your lapsed donors,

19% would say YES!

Ask a donor to give or pledge more because of an important new initiative.

If you called your entire donor base. . . on average,

1 in 4 donors would give you more!

Call event attendees and ask them to become monthly donors.

If you called event attendees and asked them to become monthly donors, 8% would say yes.

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