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ProspectBoss gives you absolutely
EVERYTHING you need to win!

ProspectBoss is a web based all in one lead generation solution for Small businesses that utilizes outbound channels to engage leads and contacts. Engage contacts via our patented (Call Strike Technology) that filters out busy’s, disconnecteds and no answers. ProspectBoss literally ques up decision makers for you to talk to in rapid fire sequencing.

Create automated follow-ups to engage your contacts via calls, sms, video sms, ringless VM and email. ProspectBoss makes it easy to increase for your small business to increase sales via the the Hot List feature. Go after your low hanging fruit by engaging leads that recently communicated with you.

Start today! $10/10 day trial. 300 calling minutes included


Calls not getting answered or going straight to voicemail? Download our call connectivity guide now!

I’m interested in outbound sales and automation for

Engage Convert Close Nurture Prospect
leads like never before!

FSBOs & Expireds

Identify and contact For Sale By Owner sellers and those with expired MLS listings.

CRM Dialer

Explore ProspectBoss’ next-gen features for squeezing more sales out of every agent, every hour.

Aged Internet Leads

Auto Insurance Leads, Health Insurance Leads, Life Insurance Leads, Mortgage Leads, Homeowners Insurance Leads, Medicare Leads, Home Improvement Leads, Solar Installation Leads, Final Expense Leads

Neighborhood Search

Get lists of households in specific neighborhoods for announcements and prospecting.

Life Saver Leads

Unlimited searches and downloads of quality lists based on your custom criteria.

Ringless Messages

Leave messages on cell phones without interrupting people and ticking them off.

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