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Exclusive Offer for Medicare Gurus

ProspectBoss’ CRM Dialer lets you engage leads through phone calls, emails, texts, video texts, voicemails drops, plus 1 year drip campaigns and more! Plus the leads you need for ProspectBoss’ CRM Dialer with Prospect Basic Consumer Leads!

Access Millions Of Medicare Leads

Not cold lists, but clean, targeted prospect lists based on the parameters you specify. You’ll have access to over 30 million leads across the U.S. View a full list of demographics here.


Interactive T65 Medicare Map

Product comes with any Sales Data List subscription.

Instantly view hot spots all over the US by color intensity.

Target T65 by specific months.

Heat map will change based on month selected showing new leads available in that area.

Select multiple counties and other filters such as income, credit score range, gender and marital status.

You can even scrub your leads against the Do Not Call list for no additional charge.

Dial 200 Leads Per Hour

With Local Presence, peoples’ Caller ID shows a local area code. Accept inbound calls with your ProspectBoss number, each account comes with one! Call Transfer lets you transfer calls to another agent at any time

Dial 200 Leads Per Hour

Facebook Lead Integration

Connect-To-Sell allows you to instantly contact any lead that fills out a lead form. Our CRM Dialer will rank the hottest leads so you can target the most converting prospects.

Facebook Lead Integration

1 Year Drip Follow-Up Campaigns

Set up year long campaigns to keep engagement with leads. Use calls, emails, texts, video messages and voicemail drops to target your prospects.

1 Year Follow-Up Campaigns

Ringless Voicemail Drops

Drop your message on your recipients’ phone without it ringing! Add minutes to your account for as low as $79/month or pay-as-you-go for just $7!

Ringless Voicemail Drops

Text and Video Messaging

SMS Broadcast and Drip Campaigns let you send text and video messages to your leads. Add emojis and hyperlinks to any message! Credits are as low as $10 per month.

Text and Video Messaging

Sales Content Library

Need help with calling scripts? Get access to your industries top scripts for converting leads. Access to hundreds of follow up drip campaigns for quick engagement.

Sales Content Library

Hot List

Our algorithm ranks your best leads, so you contact the highest converting prospects.

Hot List

Video Calling

Video call your prospects from the ProspectBoss CRM Dialer platform! This feature allows you or your agents to engage with leads by setting up video conferences with them through your phone or web browser.

Video Calling

Dynamic Scripts

Fully customizable dynamic scripts allow for an easy flow of conversation with leads! As you speak with leads, select their responses and your script will automatically provide you with your next line! You will never get lost in a script again!

Dynamic Scripts

You Want Features?
Oh, We’ve Got Features

Call Transfer lets you transfer calls to another agent at any time

Use Call Recording for archiving, training and staff improvement

Synchs with Gmail or Outlook calendars to set appointments

Clean, intuitive interface for simple, seamless workflow

Intuitive Dialing means it’ll stop dialing if agent is on a long call

If the prospect isn’t reached, they’re put back on the list

With Local Presence, peoples’ Caller ID shows a local area code

Gamify your sales efforts and build competition between agents

Customize the dial order to suit your campaign preferences

Can use a pre-recorded message drop for answering machines

Integrated daily planner for follow-up call reminders

Agent can use either click-to-call or automatic dialing

Companion iPhone app to manage campaigns & appointments

SMS Broadcast and Drip Campaigns lets you send text messages to your leads

WebRTC – Dial within the CRM Dialer

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