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They’ve named it PowerDialer CRM, and the little darling is already helping sales teams across the country convert like crazy. Got 10 bucks? Get a 10-day trial.
10 Day Trial
The next generation of cloud-based multi-line dialers is kicking butt. More lines = more calls = more sales, right? Plus smarter tracking and conversion features help you continually improve campaigns. Hey, we wouldn’t kid you.
Meet the Auto Dialer on Steroids
Predictive dialers are so old school. With affordable 4-line calling, PowerDialer CRM is the future-forward subscription-based auto dialer that acts as an effectiveness multiplyer. By bypassing busy signals, answering machines and no-answers, each agent spends more time selling.
CRM Integration Makes Life Simple
Here’s a list of CRM systems that PowerDialer CRM works with. Import leads from your CRM database (or CSV spreadsheet, or lead vendors with API integration). Then push updated info back into your CRM. Easily search, organize and manage leads and their contact history.
Better Tracking and Helpful Reports
With real-time reporting, your new multi-line dialer gives you an on-the-spot snapshot of calls, leads, and sales effectiveness. Display the stats you most need to fine-tune your next campaign. And quickly find out which of your agents are meeting – or exceeding – expectations.
Flexible Choices to Suit Your Budget
Choose the 1-line phone dialer, 3-line dialer, or the highly popular 4-line dialer. Select the Unlimited Monthly Plan, the Unlimited Yearly Plan (big discount!), or pick the Hourly Plan for inbound call center software that lets you purchase the number of minutes you need.
The phone dialer that’s easy to learn, easy to use, easy to love.
  • The integrated solution for lead gen, notifications, appointments
  • Mac & Windows compatible, unlike Windows-only phone dialers
  • Since it’s web based, there’s no equipment to buy, store or set up
  • Make up to 225 dials per hour, per agent; a lot better than before
  • Quicker connections & better voice quality than predictive dialers
  • Lower ongoing costs than most similar systems
  • Subscription based pricing includes all calling charges
  • Since it’s cloud based, agents can work remotely or from home
  • Agents can operate via landline, cell phone or soft phone
  • Training videos and webinars so agents can teach themselves
  • FREE Live technical support if anyone has a question or issue
  • Hourly plans let you control costs and number of calls
  • Flexible and scalable, from five agents to hundreds
  • Automatic Renewal of monthly & yearly plans, to keep life simple
  • Manager Call Monitoring – Monitor, Barge, and Whisper Agent Calls
  • Round Robin – Assign multiple agents to a single calling campaign, calls will automatically be assigned to the next available agent in the group
  • Call Transfer lets you transfer calls to another agent at any time
  • Use Call Recording for archiving, training and staff improvement
  • Synchs with Gmail or Outlook calendars to set appointments
  • Clean, intuitive interface for simple, seamless workflow
  • Intuitive Dialing means it’ll stop dialing if agent is on a long call
  • If the prospect isn’t reached, they’re put back on the list
  • With Local Presence, peoples’ Caller ID shows a local area code
  • Gamify your sales efforts and build competition between agents
  • Customize the dial order to suit your campaign preferences
  • Can use a pre-recorded message drop for answering machines
  • Integrated daily planner for follow-up call reminders
  • Agent can use either click-to-call or automatic dialing
  • Companion iPhone app to manage campaigns & appointments
  • SMS Broadcast and Drip Campaigns lets you send text messages to your leads
  • WebRTC – Dial within the PowerDialerCRM



This clever feature allows agents to see which closers on your team are available, so they can transfer interested prospects to them (or stick around for a 3-way conversation). Up to two closers can be reached at in-house or outside numbers. Closers can even see customer data to customize their sales approach. Closer Account comes free with 3 and 4-line auto dialers.


PowerDialer CRM includes inbound call center software as well. Caller ID helps you manage inbound customer calls, manually assigning them to agents, or letting the system handle distribution. Unanswered calls go to voicemail, while alerting your agent. Inbound calling fully integrates with your CRM. It can also send and receive texts as an additional contact option.

SMS Texting

SMS Texting is inexpensive to add to your daily routine. At only $0.01 per credit, you can start texting your leads instantly. Credits will only deplenish with delivered messages. You can also add emojis and hyperlinks to any message at no extra cost. Starting as low as $10 per month, you’ll be able to choose the right plan to fit your needs. One credit equals a text message of up to 160 characters and every month your credits will rollover.

**You will need our PowerDialer product to use this product.**


Send email blasts, schedule drip e-mails, or send ‘em on-the-fly to supplement your auto dialer efforts, and track results from coordinated campaigns. You’ll know when an email is opened, so you can call right away. Create and save templates, and include pictures and video. Email Marketing is included with our 3-line and 4-line dialers; it costs $10/month with 1-line dialers.

Choose Your Minutes and Plan to Get Started With Your New Dialing Software.
How it Works: After completing your subscription, we’ll create your account, which may take up to an hour. You’ll receive your login credentials by email (check your spam folder if you don’t). Then simply log in to choose your settings, import your list, and get started on your next outbound phone dialer campaign. It really is that simple.

Lots of Options: If you choose an Hourly Plan below, you’ll get to choose the number of minutes you want to purchase (minutes expire after 30 days). Note that the Email Marketing, Call Recording and Call Transfer features all come standard with the 3-Line and 4-Line Dialers, although they can be added to the 1-line dialer for $10 each per month.

Unlimited Accounts: When you subscribe to a plan, each of your agents gets their own account and credentials. You can have as many accounts as you want, associated with each plan you subscribe to. If two agents are dialing out at the same time, you’ll need to subscribe to two plans. But if, say, one agent works in the morning and one in the afternoon, you only need one plan.

Get two months free by choosing the Unlimited Annual plan!

1-Line Dialer

50-60 dials per hour

Choose below:

3-Line Dialer

150-200 dials per hour

Choose below:

4-Line Dialer

200-225 dials per hour

Choose below:

Purchase SMS Texting

Our PowerDialer product is needed for this product to work.

One credit equals a text message of up to 160 characters and every month your credits will rollover.

Want to see how it works?

We thought you’d never ask

Got 10 bucks?

Try out PowerDialer CRM for yourself.
Check out SalesDataList for access to millions of home & businesses sales leads.
Questions? We’re glad to help, so you can make the right choices.

“I use this system every day and my productivity has gone up over 200%. Every single thing I need to do, SalesDialers does.”

– Ryan Olsen, Keller Williams


You’ll be amazed at what PowerDialer CRM online dialer can do. No, really, you will.

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