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With ProspectBoss’s concierge set up service, we will guide you through setting up ProspectBoss but are you on your way with all the features you need to engage leads and get more sales. This will include prospect boss phone number, voicemails, email templates, SMS templates, as well as scripts. If you want to utilize all of the ProspectBoss’s features and increase your chances to be more successful than this is a must add service that you can’t afford to do without. We will take you by the hand and set up everything for you and show you how to use the solution for $149.


Have you noticed more often your sales Calls are not getting answered? What about your calls going directly to voicemail?

This is because of some thing called Stir Shaken, which blocks calls to people based on certain algorithms. If you have seen a drop in your connectivity rates than most likely, you are being hindered by Stir Shaken.

Spam likely is also an issue and is controlled by third-party apps where people designate your phone call as spam likely. Once your call has been labeled by spam likely, your connectivity rates will drop because people will not answer the spam. Likely phone call.

With our advanced call connectivity package, your connectivity rates will skyrocket. This advanced call connectivity package rotates numbers to keep you below the Stir Shaken radar. Also, we scrub the five phone numbers that you get with this package against the spam likely scrub. This means your phone numbers will not show up as spam.

When you purchase this package, if your numbers are flagged as spam likely, we will replace them again for free and scrub them again against the spam likely designation.

This is our most comprehensive call connectivity package. If you want your calls to go through to your leads then this is the best package on the market today. This package has been tested by many sales reps and it has shown to increase connectivity rates by 35%. Let us know if you have any questions. 800-662-4009 x-1 Email:


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