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Ringless Messages

Send your recorded messages directly to cell phone voicemail without ringing, using this automated voice message dialer.


Interrupting mobile phone owners with a sales message can create a negative response right off the bat. But with this cloud-based automated voice message system, they’ll simply hear your pitch when they check their voicemail.

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What is Ringless Messages?

Ringless Messages is an easy to use web-based software for any sales professional. With Ringless Messages you can instantly and easily leave your voice mail without having your recipient’s cellphone ring, this means they automatically receive a notification without interrupting their daily activities.

How it Works:

With the Ringless Messages system you can add your list of cellphone recipients and instantly send all of them your fully customized voice mail message to each cellphone without making an actual call, their cellphone never rings and is never charged for a call. Plus, they can listen to your message wherever and whenever! *With some cellphone carriers, the recipient’s phone may ring once, then your message will drop, this rarely happens and is due to the carrier not the system.*


  • Leave the perfect message you create!
  • Customize wither or not to use a specific Caller ID or no Caller ID at all.
  • Schedule when you want to run your campaign.
  • Recipients are never charged with a call!
  • No ring, only notification of new voice message.

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