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Prospect Lists

Access Millions of Sales Leads

Not cold lists, but clean, targeted prospect lists based on the parameters you specify. You’ll have access to over 30 million consumers and over 14 million businesses across the U.S., plus a separate list of Canadian consumers.
View a full list of demographics here.

Surprisingly Affordable Prices

You’ll pay less than you might for expect for up-to-date prospect lists, including business listings. The lists you access include names, phone numbers, addresses and more, and easily integrate with Power Dialer CRM.

What Types of Companies Use SalesDataList for Prospecting?

All kinds of companies! But they’ve been found to be especially useful for insurance agents, collection agencies, auto dealers, outbound call centers, home services and contractors, and multi-level marketers. Non-profit organizations also use these SalesDataList to solicit donations.

Choose Your Plan and Get Access to Great Sales Leads Today

How it works: After completing your subscription, we’ll create your account, which may take up to an hour. You’ll receive your login credentials by email (check your spam folder if you don’t). Then simply log in to choose your parameters for your targeted prospect list.

Save up to $500 by choosing a yearly plan!

Consumer and B2B

Access to our consumer (comes with the option to DNC scrub your search) or business database.


Consumer, State-Wide and DNC Scrubbing

Access to our consumer database, state-wide consumer search option and DNC scrub your own list option.


Consumer, State-wide, Mobile, and DNC Scrubbing

Access to our consumer database, state-wide consumer search option, mobile database, and DNC scrub your own list option.


DNC Scrubbing

DNC Scrub your own lead lists through our DNC database.


In need of Canadian Leads?

Save $318 By Signing Up for a Year!



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