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Mastering Stir Shaken & Crushing Spam Likely for Unrivaled Call Success!

Stir shaken, was created by the FTC in 2021. They created it to crack down on scam callers going to customers. Stir shaken is based off of certain algorithms shut such as short term duration phone calls, dropped phone calls and calls per hour. What this looks like on your end is nobody is picking up, but what’s really happening is the call isn’t even going through. ProspectBoss uses its proprietary technology to get around stir shaken issues. You will have more people answering the phone using ProspectBoss than any other solution on the market.

Spam likely is based off of third-party apps like Truecaller, youMail, and the iPhone. This is where people can designate your number that you’re calling from as spam. When your call is flagged as spam, likely leads will not pick up. ProspectBoss uses a DID scrub to get the spam, likely designation off of the phone numbers you purchased with ProspectBoss. This guarantees that your numbers will not have spam likely show up on them ever again.

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