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  • ZAutomatically Transcribe Calls: All recorded calls are automatically transcribed into English for easy review and reference.
  • ZGenerate Key Summaries: Get concise summaries of your calls, highlighting the key points and important topics discussed and action items
  • ZTranslate: AI Summaries can be translated into Spanish or Filipino
  • ZCategorize Conversations: Summarized calls are automatically categorized into predefined categories such as Hot, Warm, Cold, Appointment, Call Back, etc.
  • ZKey insights and summaries are accessible directly from the call recording, contact details, and calling screen.
  • ZTrigger Actions Based on Categories: Automatically trigger actions like sending email/SMS
  • ZEnhanced UI for Easy Navigation: Access transcriptions and summaries directly from the call or contact details page with clear indicators and easy navigation.
  • ZRealTime Updates: Enjoy real-time updates on categorizations and action items, ensuring you have the latest information at your fingertips.

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