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Voice Blast Campaign
Get the word out with high-efficiency voice broadcasting of recorded messages.

Our VoiceBlast System.

It’s ideal for all call center solutions from lead generation to notifications, surveys, and appointment setting. SalesDialersPRO offers everything you need to build your business with outbound calling, custom recordings, IVR solutions, SMS broadcasts and a variety of different surveys including Press 1 campaigns. We pride ourselves in providing clients the most advanced and affordable solution on the market today

Blast On 25 Lines at Once

Voice Blast avoids answering machines, saving your sales messages for people who pick up. Schedule your voice blasts for any time, including evenings and weekends, with this automated cloud-based system.

Flexible Voice Broadcasting

Create, name and save multiple recordings, to be used at any time. You’ll get full calling reports and campaign statistics, so you can continually adjust timing, messages and more for better and better results.

The ‘Press One’ Option for Quick Conversions

Turn your voice blast campaign into a trackable Press One campaign by purchasing this popular option. Interested customers can simply Press One to talk to a live agent for more info. Perfect for closing the deal right away; also great for surveys.


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