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(Corporate rates available and specials are run at various times of the year.)

Our quad-line dialer for heavy-duty calling that will allow you to contact more leads, track them better and close more sales.

Month to Month contracts

No hardware to buy

No Setup fee

No per minute charge

Unlimited Dials per month

Unlimited e-mails per month

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2.5 cents per minute

No setup fees

The SalesDialersPro solution delivers all the benefits of million-dollar systems, but without their hidden costs. Contact centers around the world count on SalesDialersPro outbound hosted call center software to reduce operational cost, improve customer satisfaction, and enable flexible staffing — at home, onshore and offshore. SalesDialersPro is scalable to from 1 agent to 5000 agents.

Types of Campaigns:

    Answering machine only
    This is a campaign where you just want to broadcast messages to an Answer Machine. You can specify how many calls you
    want at one time, the caller id you’d like to use and what message you’d like to play.

    Immediate live

    Basically the system is going to connect calls to agents if the call is answered by a human, and hang up the phone if it detects an answer machine. This method will not play any recorded messages.

    Press one live
    This campaign type will start playing a recorded message if it detects a human, but hang up the phone if it detects an
    answer machine. If the person who is listening to the message presses 1 ( 1 to talk to someone now) then the call is transferred to the agent.

    Immediate live and answering machine
    This is quite a standard type of campaign to run. If the system detects a human, it will transfer them to a call center agent. If it detects an answer machine, it will wait for the beep and leave a recorded message.

    Press one live and answering machine

    This campaign type is pretty much the same as the “Immediate Live and Answer Machine” campaign type described above except that instead of transferring the person being called directly to a staff member, it plays them a message, and if they press 1 will transfer them to a staff member.

    Direct transfer
    This option doesn’t use any answer machine detection at all. As soon as a call is answered it sends it directly to the call
    center staff member.

    Immediate message playback
    This again doesn’t use any answer machine detection, but instead of connecting directly to a call center it just plays
    a message, with no call center in place at all. This type of campaign is best for doing emergency broadcasts.

    Text broadcast or (SMS)

    This type of campaign will send out a text message to the  leads in they campaign.

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