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In this shaky economy very few people would consider it a good career move to change their job–let alone quit to become a real estate agent.

But there are a number of people who are doing just that. Why? What’s in it for them? Here are five reasons.

1. Lifeless Job

From the honeymoon period to burn-out, every job goes through a series of steps. Early on everything is exciting with the change of position, new location and learning the ropes. But once you’ve met goals and achieved objectives you start to lose interest. Eventually you dread coming to the office and may even be irritable. If that describes you, then it may be time to quit.

2. Lifeless Career

Have you been at the same company for sixteen years? In the same industry for twenty? You are overdue for a serious change. Stagnating in a position or even company can also stagnate your own personal and professional improvement. Quitting your job to become a real estate agent will help you gain new skills and improve upon your old ones.

3. Lifeless Boss

The dead-beat boss is not good for anybody with at least a little bit of ambition. He or she might take your assertiveness as an actual attempt at their position–and do everything to squash you. More than likely you won’t have a psychotic boss–just not a very good supporter. He doesn’t back your plans or ignores your please for progressive. Life under such a manager is no fun.

4. Lifeless Industry

Sure, in 2008, and for the next four years, real estate became a lifeless industry as it self-imploded and purged the bloat. But even back in those bad days average agents were able to make a living. They just had to adjust. And now that the market is slowly improving, life is getting better. Well, your industry might just be getting ready to crack. Does that threaten your company? Will there be lay offs soon? If so, it might be a good time to change careers.

6. You Are Lifeless

There are many reasons you may not be motivated in your current job. Your job, position and company may not contribute to your mid- to long-term professional goals. In fact, they be an obstacles. You may simply not have the passion or gratification of a job well done any more.


You may have know for over a year that is was time to move on. Sometimes it could be longer. I know I stayed in a position I hated for 18 months because of the pay, benefits and the people. It took a near-firing to kick me in the butt to leave that position and move on in my career.

Don’t be afraid to cut the cord for the sake of your career. Make sure you do it respectively, though. Burning bridges can come back to haunt you down the road. Treat everyone with respect and loyalty when you leave. You won’t regret it.

By Real Estate Marketing Blog

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