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Circle prospecting is a term that most real estate agents are familiar with and there are many different ways to get circle prospecting data.  ProspectBoss has created a tool that is very effective and easy to use so that you can reach the most amount of people possible.  Agent Circle Prospecting or ACP.



What it does:

ACP is designed specifically for real estate agents to get homeowner data.  It even has a DNC scrubber so that you stay compliant if you are using the data to make phone calls.    Say you are holding an Open House at a listing you have and you want to let all the homeowners in the area to know about it so that they can tell their friends “hey there is a house for sale in my neighborhood, check it out!”   So you enter the address of your open house into the ACP system and you select a radius… say 3 miles from that address.  You now have all the information you need to reach out to those people to promote your open house.   And it works the exact same way for promoting your Just Listed or Just Sold properties. 


What it offers:

That list of homeowner data provides everything you need to begin a great promotion campaign for these properties.  The results that you get include but are not limited to:


First & Last Name 


Phone Number



Credit Rating (ABCDF Score)

And more!


Why it’s important:

Promoting your Just Listed, Just Sold, and Open House properties is important because the #1 reason people move is to be closer to family.  By letting people in the neighborhood know that you have these listings and asking them if they have family looking to relocate or if they are interested in selling their home, you are giving people a reason to come to you! 



ProspectBoss Team

We cater to Real Estate & Insurance agents but love seeing clients from all industries using our solution successfully.  From lead generation and tracking to CRM and data resources, we’ve got the solution for all your prospecting needs. 

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