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Gone are the days when a real estate agent held all the power by controlling the MLS (multiple listing services). Here we are in 2016, with a better economy and fast-changing technologies including the internet, but many real estate agents are yet to make the necessary changes. There’s need to implement strategies to help you stand out above the rest as an indispensable real estate agent.
For you to survive as a real estate agent in today’s world, you must adapt and change to accommodate your clients’ needs by utilizing the following tips:

1. Change your marketing strategy.

Any real estate agent who wishes to remain relevant in business must change their marketing strategy. It had simply been about listings and how many rooms a home had in the past, but advertising is no longer the same in the industry. The majority of people don’t want to be the focus of advertising, therefore let your advertisements focus on lifestyle. Finally, ensure all marketing feels organic and authentic.

2. Establish a brand.

To stand out in real estate, creating a brand is an absolute must. A good brand will stand you out from the pack of mediocre agents. A solid brand will give your customers the feel that they can trust you with their home. Your brand should speak loudly about the services you provide, your expertise and your ability to achieve success. Consistency is also key otherwise, your clients will not recognize your brand. Be known for excellence, let your brand speak.

3. Become an industry leader.

It is simple. All it requires is your time. Offering a wealth of knowledge is very important to establishing yourself as a real estate industry expert. When you provide a wealth of knowledge or content online, and you’re quoted in the news, you become an authority in the industry and to your clients, an indispensable asset to your client. Do you know that 80% of people prefer content to regular advertisement? That’s a huge statistic. The most important strategy is offering your local audience your extensive knowledge on real estate industry. Your target audience wants to be sure that you are the industry expert they seek; content will prove that to them.
Stop whatever you are doing now and take a step back to evaluate your marketing. Is it working? Are your prospects looking for something different? Make yourself indispensable!

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