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In this day and age, longevity in business doesn’t necessarily equate to innovation, growth and success. ProspectBoss has been fortunate in this respect due to our conscious proactive efforts to innovate, adapt and change to customer needs and industry trends.

Whether you are in insurance, real estate or any sales profession, there are countless options for you to consider in a CRMdialer to help your business flourish. So we thought we’d compare and contrast our CRMdialer with that of the Mojo dialer as they’ve been around a bit longer than we have. Now, Mojo is a good dialer and there are quite a few similarities between us:


Built-in CRM

Custom Caller ID.

Dial list prioritization.

Follow-up tasks.

DNC lists.

Google calendar integration.

On-screen scripting.

Third party CRM integrations.

Dialer speed configuration.

Third party lead vendor integrations.

Power dialing technology.

Voicemail drop.

Call recording.

Custom data fields.

Time zone protection.


Mobile app.

Reminder alerts.

Contact groups/folders.


Web-based software.

Call-in to phone server options.

Now, that being said it is nearly impossible to compare any two dialing solutions with the many differing features and interface idiosyncrasies. Of the many customers that have come to us from Mojo there are four key differences we’ve been told the ProspectBoss CRMdialer offers over the Mojo dialer and they are 1) we’re less expensive 2) we’ve got more features 3) we’re easier to use and 4) we’re more stable. Below is a list of features ProspectBoss offers that are not available with the Mojo dialer.

Live chat support with extended hours.

Live call monitoring.

Security feature personalization.

Remote notifications to your email and phone.

Custom calling disposition buttons.

Built-in VOIP soft phone option.

Video Calling

On-Screen Scripting

SMS Texting

Though it is highly regulated it would seem a necessary feature given the movement to mobile device marketing. This is why we constantly evolve our SMS texting algorithms, monitor it and limit our customers’ usage to stay well within guidelines. You can both send and receive SMS text messages.

Video Email and MMS Messaging

A similar argument as above, picture and video marketing are on the rise and statistically more well-received by consumers than some other methods. So… now we provide this option for our customers.

Long-term Nurturing (SMS, Email and Voicemail Drops)

As sales professionals ourselves, we know there are some customers that buy right away and some that take months if not years. Our customers have the ability to initiate both short and long-term “Auto-pilot” nurture for prospects for up to 365 days to include emails, SMS text (and MMS) as well as ringless voicemail drops to cell phones. You can stay top of mind with your prospects through automation and focus on prospects that need your attention now.

Inbound Calling and Voicemail

It just seemed logical for us to provide our customers with a free U.S. Phone number where they can set up a personalized voicemail, receive inbound calls, use this number as your caller ID and even have these calls forwarded to another number.

Caller ID and Local Presence

Technology has given sales professionals the ability to cover larger territories without face-to-face meetings though the appearance of having a “local presence” is still important. ProspectBoss gives our customer the ability to use their ProspectBoss number as the caller ID, entering your own caller ID or using our “Local Presence” feature that automatically shows a phone number with a similar or neighboring area code as the number being dialed.

Ringless Voicemails (to cell phones)

In lieu of the movement away from robocalls and towards the mobile cellular device, we now offer the ability to drop a ringless voicemail message to cell phones. Of course all FTC guidelines apply, like the Do Not Call List, there are more and more cell phones (and less landlines) with each passing day. Ringless messaging is a relatively new and effective marketing technology and adding this feature just seemed to make sense to us.

Live Call Transfers

There are two kinds of people who prospect over the phone… those who do it themselves and those who employ others to do so. And if you have an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) making your prospecting calls for you, don’t you want to speak to a hot lead right away? Kind of a no-brainer…

Video Calling
Using Prospect Boss you can have a more personal and engaging call experience with your appointments and leads by engaging them with a video call. During a live call you can send the customer a quick-link to join a video call right to their cell phone or email. They simply click the link on their text or email to join the video call and using your computer or tablet’s camera you can talk face-to-face.

On-Screen Scripting
Being able to know what to say and when can be the difference between a sale and a fail. With Prospect Boss you have the ability to see on-screen scripts during your live calls. You can create two different kinds of scripts as well, static scripts for a full script right on your call screen, or dynamic scripts that allows you to create a series of questions and responses to those questions, so you can set up quick and easy rebuttals to some of the customer’s most basic responses or objections.

Easier to use.

What you might find easy I might find hard… this is a very subjective opinion. However, what we can tell you is a majority of our customers who have come from Mojo to ProspectBoss have told us they feel our interface is easier to use. So whether you’re talking about tv remotes, cell phones or business software… easy is a good thing. If it’s not easy then you’re less likely to use something.

Interface Stability

The ProspectBoss CRMdialer is and has always been a web-based solution. The Mojo dialer started as a software-based solution and switched to web-based a couple of years ago. And we know it takes time and ongoing efforts to stabilize a cloud-based platform because we’ve been there before and Mojo is still efforting to do so. Despite not being in business as long as Mojo, our platform is as stable as they come as we have a team of developers constantly monitoring and improving our interface.


OK… let’s take a hard look at pricing.

$79 PB 1-line CRMdialer

$99 Mojo 1-line CRMdialer

$109 PB 3-line CRMdialer

$149 Mojo 3-line CRMdialer

FREE PB Call Recording for 3 and 4-line CRMdialer

$25 Mojo Call Recording

FREE PB User Ids

$10 Mojo User IDs

Our most popular CRMdialer is the 3-line option so let’s say you have two people sharing (with a separate user ID) one 3-line CRMdialer with call recording.

$109 ProspectBoss

$184 Mojo

We also offer a 4-line option as it seems a large majority of our customers that are realtors do a lot of canvasing and prefer a 4-line option though anything over four seems to be overkill where you’re missing opportunities and wasting money on leads. And on the flip side, we do offer low-volume pay-per-use options, where Mojo does not, for our customers that have low-volume calling hours. We don’t want our customers to overpay for something they won’t use and have many options for them to scale up their prospecting with pay-per-use, monthly unlimited and annual pricing options for additional savings as well as volume discounts to build their teams.

And this brings us to another point… pricing for “all” of our products is all-inclusive meaning we have “no” set-up fees, taxes, cancellation fees, phone bill and no contracts. There are no surprises and what you see is what you pay. We like to not only be transparent with our pricing and policies, but feel that we offer a great product at a fair and reasonable price with stellar support to take care of our customers.

Dialing solutions are like cars meaning they all have an engine and four wheels, but there are countless other differences and it’s very hard to compare any two. Hopefully, we’ve been able to educate you on features and key factors to consider in buying a dialing solution that will most definitely improve your prospecting efforts and sales numbers.

Just remember…

“Longevity in this business is about being able to reinvent yourself or invent the future.”

-Satya Nadella

And if you’d like to learn more or talk about your business goals feel free to give us a call. We’re always happy to listen and exchange ideas or help you with any of our other dialing solutions and lead products.

Have a great day everyone!

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