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Blitz Lead Management and Power Dialer,, Join Forces

Blitz Lead Management and power dialer,, join forces so that customers from both companies can benefit through increased sales.

Blitz Lead Management and have come together so that clients from both companies can manage and contact their leads at lightening speed.

Blitz Lead Management is web-based software that keeps their clients focused on the sales process. Because it is web-based, their system can be accessed from any computer at anytime (this includes phones that have internet access). Because the sales process can vary depending on the lead, Blitz Lead Management makes it possible to nurture that lead and turn it into a sale. Also, with their lead tracking software, their clients have the ability look at a lot of criteria that will allow for them to see their marketing strategy and if need be, change it to maximize sales., which is also web-based, supplies the power dialer that works effortlessly with Blitz Lead Management. Through their power dialer, the client has the ability to dial out a speedy 400 calls per hour; all of which are live! They do suggest, however, that you start with 2-3 lines until you get use to the system. Other features that set them apart are their compatibility with MAC (for you Apple lovers), their extensive e-mail capabilities, and the ability to sync with Outlook or Google Calendar. With this ability to sync the calendars, this allows for their clients to stay on top of their appointments ensuring more sales are closed.

By these two companies coming together, this guarantees satisfaction from their clients because clients will be able to export leads, have real-time leads notifications, and download recorded calls as well as e-mail them. When asked about joining forces with Blitz Lead Management, CEO and owner of, Gary Prado, stated that “the integration with Blitz Lead Management will allow for both of our customers to utilize our resources and track their leads much better. This will lead to a great boost in sales and in the end it is our clients that are winning.”

For more information about Blitz Lead Management, you can contact them at 888.470.0606 or visit their website at

For more information about, you can contact them at 800.662.4009 or visit their website at

Blitz Lead Management provides software and services to make sure their clients attain the highest benefit from their leads they invest in.

Blitz Lead Management continue to grow as they provide web-based lead software to small and large businesses that need a solution to help them manage their sales process from start to close. provides software and service that help their clients make more calls with their power dialer as opposed to manual dialing. They have a wide variety of clients that they cater to including Colonial Life, Benefit Mall, Coto Financial, Allstate, State Farm, and Insphere.

Rated A with the Better Business Bureau, they stand behind their product and how it can help generate more sales for the “average” businessman. is committed to providing a high-quality solution and excellent support to all future and current clients.

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