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Fun Cold Calling

Don’t worry – I haven’t lost my mind. (Yet.) Cold calling isn’t fun. You know it and I know it. So why did I say that?

Because I can remember countless times when I heard someone say, “Cold calling is fun!”

In fact, I even did it once. It’s true. Early on in my sales career, when I was going from job to job, failing by cold calling, and not understanding why it wasn’t working – after all, my managers all said it would work – I began deluding myself into believing that cold calling is fun, and that I love cold calling.

I figured that if cold calling works, like everyone told me it would, then the problem must be my attitude, so if I changed that attitude while I was cold calling, it would suddenly work.

It didn’t.

No matter how much I deluded myself into thinking that cold calling was fun, and no matter how many others might try to do the same, it still doesn’t work.

Of course I’d feel really great after those long days of cold calling. Sure, it was hard work, but I really felt like I’d accomplished something! All those hours of cold calling would certainly pay off down the road, right?


They didn’t.

Eventually, it causes practically all salespeople who do it day in and day out to enter the dreaded state known as “call reluctance,” a condition brought on by the endless rejection of cold calling. Contrary to popular belief, endless rejection doesn’t “toughen you up” – psychologists have shown that it actually beats you down, and causes a downward spiral.

I got to that point myself after those years of cold calling. It’s called a “rut.”

I’ve seen it happen to far too many salespeople. They listen to the rhetoric from sales managers and old-timers: All those time-worn cliches about “getting out into the trenches,” “dialing for dollars,” “beating the streets” … you’ve heard them all, I’m sure.

But thankfully, I got back up again and made it my singular goal to stop cold calling. And when I was finally able to stop cold calling forever, and eliminated all of that rejection and negativity from my life, my sales numbers increased dramatically.

Not only was I spending all of my productive selling time face-to-face with qualified prospects (instead of spending all day looking for someone to sell to), I was with prospects who wanted to buy! I didn’t have to “sell” them and go through endless objections. Which means that my closing rate went up as well, sending my sales numbers through the roof.

So if you want to join one of the top 1% of elite sales superstars, stop telling yourself that cold calling is fun, and instead, start using effective, Information Age strategies and techniques that will bring qualified prospects to you – prospects who are ready to buy right now.

And just what are those strategies and techniques?

The good news is that I spent years with top sales pros and in trial-and-error research, figuring it all out so you don’t have to. The answers are in my Never Cold Call Again system, and the best news is that I’ll ship it direct to you today, and you have a full 30 days to decide if you want to keep it and be billed for it then, or simply return it and never hear from me again.

It’s that simple, so get your copy right now –

By: Frank Rumbauskas
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