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If you are reading this article, I assume you belong to either of these categories:

i)You have been cold calling leads without much success
ii)You want to try cold calling but is not sure how to do it.

Whichever category you belong to, I am going to show you an alternative method of communicating with your leads by answering several questions.

1)I have tried cold calling thousands of leads, but I didn’t have much success, why?

I understand your frustration. From what I know, cold calling is usually not very effective for several reasons.

Firstly, the leads that you have obtained may not be the people that you are looking for. Most probably, you have bought these leads from lead generating companies. However, they are not targeted leads. They may be double opt-in leads, but they did not opt-in to receive message from you specifically. This can explain why these people do not welcoe you.

Secondly, most people are not proficient in cold calling leads anyway. In fact, I believed that you must have hated cold calling. This accounts for the high failure rate.

2)If cold calling doesn’t work, what method should I use?

Instead of buying leads from companies, why not generate your own leads. Yes, you may be able to instantly get thousands of leads from a company, but there is no point having so many leads when these people are not going to listen to you.

However, if people specifically sign up for your list, it means they have given you permission to contact them. It is definitely easier to communicate with people who are ready to listen to you.

3)How do I generate my own leads?

You can make use of the internet.


People use the internet to search for information. In this example, there may be people who are looking for opportunities to make more money.

So what do they do?

They will usually go to the search engine and type in phrases like “work from home mlm”, “how to make moremoney” etc. You can easily find out what terms people are searching for by using keyword research tools like wordtracker.

When you know what terms people are searching for, you can easily position yourself in front of your prospects. All you need is a lead capture page with an autoresponder. Then, you can attract these prospects to our lead capture page by setting up a Google Adword Campaign or through other traffic generation strategy such as article marketing.

Once you gather your prospects email address, you will be able to contact them regularly using email. These prospectsare targeted because they are people who are already searching for opportunities to make money and they will be more receptive to you. This means your success rate will be much higher.

Sick of cold calling leads? Why not use internet marketing techniques?

By Lubano Lim

Retrieved 8 November 2012 from—Should-You-Be-Cold-Calling-Leads-/129288#.UKJpfYdJOAh

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