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When you are shopping around for something, what do you do?  You look at different options and companies to see which one offers the better deal or better value for your money, right?  Choosing a CRM is no different. Let’s take a look at Creatio CRM and Prospect Boss’s CRM Dialer.



Creatio is a CRM with lots of great features. Lead management keeps a record of all contact you’ve had with leads through the platform.  With Creatio, you can use the visual content designer and send out bulk emails, you can set tasks and calendar reminders to follow up with leads, and you can have social media contacts push into the Creatio platform as well.  Creatio also has a single line dialer built into the system so that you can make and receive calls with your prospects/customers.  All of this comes with a hefty price tag though. 10,000 active contacts with 1 user and a limit of 5 emails per month per contact will run you $2900 per year.  They also have a $5000 minimum purchase and a 3 year contract. 

Prospect Boss

Now let’s look at Prospect Boss CRM Dialer. Prospect Boss offers lead management and keeps a record of all contact you’ve had with leads through the platform.  Reaching out to prospects is where Prospect Boss pulls away from Creatio in comparison though.  Through this platform you can call your prospects using 1, 3 or 4 lines at a time, you can send texting and email campaigns, send video messages, even ringless voicemail drop. 

Prospect Boss also integrates with Google Calendar to set up reminders and tasks to follow up with your leads, and has a Hot List to track which leads are the most engaged and which ones you may try something different with. Prospect Boss also has Facebook lead push so your leads can be pushed directly into the platform to begin follow ups.  Your email campaigns can also be personalized with graphics and logos through the visual content creator within the platform.  This gives a polished look to your content and makes you look more professional. 

While some of these features do cost a little extra, our most fully featured option, the 4 line dialer, is only $129 per user per month unlimited contacts, unlimited emails and calls, which comes out to $1548 per year with no minimums and no contracts.  Unless you buy a year at a time in which case you get 2 months for free bringing your yearly total to $1290.

Using Prospect Boss you can have a more personal and engaging call experience with your appointments and leads by engaging them with a video call. During a live call you can send the customer a quick-link to join a video call right to their cell phone or email. They simply click the link on their text or email to join the video call and using your computer or tablet’s camera you can talk face-to-face.

Being able to know what to say and when can be the difference between a sale and a fail. With Prospect Boss you have the ability to see on-screen scripts during your live calls. You can create two different kinds of scripts as well, static scripts for a full script right on your call screen, or dynamic scripts that allows you to create a series of questions and responses to those questions, so you can set up quick and easy rebuttals to some of the customer’s most basic responses or objections.  


I think it is safe to say that Prospect Boss offers a more robust CRM platform than Creatio.  More features and much better pricing make Prospect Boss a better deal AND a better value.

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