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CRMDialer is a power dialer and CRM platform built into one solution. Within the power dialer, all the typical features are available; click-to-call, call queues, IVR, local presence, round robin and more. The CRM portion has a few unique features like a built-in helpdesk, chat system, and voice to text solution. Overall CRMDialer is worthy contender in the power dialer market.

Pricing is offer in 3 ways, a starter pack, a pro pack, and custom pack, you can choose between monthly and annually billing. The starter pack is just CRM features ($708/year or $72/month), this includes visitor tracking, email validation and the CRM features mentioned above. The pro pack includes CRM and dialer features, this includes 15,000 voice minutes and 10,000 SMS credits. And of course, the custom pack is tailored to your needs. However, a downside with the pricing is you receive credits for voice time, SMS, visitor tracking and email validation. So if you run out during the month you will need to purchase extra credits. offers a wide arrange of sales tools to all sales professionals, including those from the real estate, insurance, and auto industries. They provide dialer CRMs, data resources, and other dialer tools.

Dialer CRM:

The PowerDialer CRM is’s multi line dialer. Customer’s have the option to choose from 1, 3 or 4 line dialers.

  • Call Recording
  • Call Tracking
  • Hot List
  • Built-in Email System
  • Video recorder for Emails and MMS
  • Video Calling
  • Facebook Leads Push
  • Round Robin
  • SMS Marketing**
  • Email Marketing
  • Local Presence
  • Call Analytics/Reporting
  • Manager Call Monitoring, Whisper, & Barge
  • On-Screen Script with Dynamic Call Scripts
  • Call Transfer (Internal and External)
  • WebRTC and Click-to-Call

The pricing for dialers range from $79 per month to $129 per month, with no contracts. **Some features are add-ons and may cost extra.

To view more features about the Power Dialer, click here.

Data Resources: offers a wide range of data products including, consumer, business, mobile and Canadian. An added feature to the consumer data allows customer to also scrub search and their own leads against the DNC. Pricing for the data products range from $79 per month to $179 per month, with no contracts.

To view more features about the data products, click here. also offers a more real estate focused data product called AgentCircleProspecting. This allows real estate agents to search data based on mile radius. Agents can easily promote their Just Listed, Just Sold and Open Houses with more data. Pricing is simple at just $38 per month, with no contract.

To view more features about AgentCircleProspecting, click here.

Other Dialer Products:

RinglessMessages is a voicemail drop system that allows customer to promote simple messages with bothering recipients. It is offer by both monthly and pay-as-you go for more customized usage so anyone can use it when needed.

To learn more about RinglessMessages, click here.

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