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If you are a bit technologically challenged (like myself) you may find that getting your ProspectBoss system up and running a bit tricky.  Or, maybe you’re a whiz at it, but you can’t seem to find that one silly setting that you need.  We never want you to feel like your question is too “obvious” or “insignificant”.  Trust me, we’ve heard it all already.  



While our technical support team is available by phone (800-662-4009 ext 3) Monday through Friday 9am to 530pm Eastern time, sometimes you just want something a little more visual to help.  And that is where our daily live training sessions come in handy.  


Every weekday at 3pm eastern, one of our technical support guys hosts a live training session where you can see their screen and how they navigate the system; BUT it gets better!  You can ask your questions in real time so that specific thing you are struggling with, you can ask about it and then watch as they show you how to do it.  


Click Here to join the Daily Training at 3pm Eastern.    


“What if I missed the training for the day?” you may ask.  Well, either hop on tomorrow’s session OR you can watch the pre-recorded training video.  Now, you obviously won’t be able to ask questions for that one, but it will likely show you the answer you need anyway. Plus you aren’t restricted to a specific time to watch it!


Click Here to see the pre-recorded training and watch anytime!  


And of course, if you want to watch some great videos on the ins & outs of the platform, you can check out our YouTube channel.  There is some really great content there!


Click Here to go to our YouTube channel to see all of our great videos!



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