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Now you have a list with lots of clients interested in your coaching niche and you are ready to place the calls. How can you make sure you will be effective?

To help you having productive calls, we’ve gathered some practical tips from other coaches based on their experience.

Tip 1: Define your objective for every call. Ask yourself before calling every client: “What do I want to achieve from this call? How can I be effective in making this client understand the benefits of my coaching services and enrol as my client?”

Tip 2: Be prepared. Prepare questions for your call using your call objective. Make a list with possible questions the clients might ask and have them handy. Read the questions and answers few times before the calls. It will give you more confidence when the questions arise.

Tip 3: Have smart, attractive opening lines. You have about 10 seconds to pick your listener’s interests regarding your services. Check our separate article for Opening statements for more details.

Tip 4: During the call – ask effective questions. You know this client is interested in your coaching niche services but you want to make sure that you are a good fit for each other. So, don’t be shy in asking questions that will qualify him as your client.

Tip 5: Get feedback. During your discussion ask feedback questions like “How do you feel about this?”, “Would this work for you?”, etc. You have to engage your customer so he can relate to your services.

Tip 6: Ask one question at a time. Give your listener time to understand and respond to your questions. We know you are very excited to share with your customer all the wonderful services you offer but it is very important to let him process the information.

Tip 7: Be confident. Prepare yourself before each call and be confident whenever you answer to questions. The client is already interested in your services and you know your services very well. You are a great coach!

Tip 8: Stay focused until the end. As the call is reaching the end point you want to make sure that your listener understood the value of your services and is committed to move forward.

You can ask questions like “When can we start working together?”Although this might seem a bold question it will make the listener realize what he wants. He might decide to sign up with you, refuse the services at this time or request more information. Whichever answer he will give, you must be prepared and stay focused.

If you both decide that you need to send him more information by email or fax make sure that the interlocutor is really interested in your information. If the listener is interested he will commit to review your material and prepare question for the next time you call.

Establish a clear date when you can follow up with him and what actions you expect from him.

Tip 9: Thank your listener for his time and finish the call.

To many successful calls!

By Anda Tudor

Retrieved 12 November 2012 from

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