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Did you know the average real estate agent only closes approximately five deals during a single year?

Do you want to know what turns average agents into the best agents?

The best agents use the best leads and the best tools to list more properties. The best agents use LANDVOICE.

Landvoice is the industry leader in providing real estate professionals accurate, up to date information about homeowners through Expireds, FSBOs, Just Listed/Just Sold and Pre-Foreclosure leads. Landvoice now works with to provide the best leads with the best dialer available on the market today.

Now, Landvoice leads can be integrated directly into SalesDialers in real-time so agents can react faster, sign more listings, and close more deals. is a crucial tool for top performing real estate agents. “We provide an intuitive web-based dialing solution that simply gives agents the ability to contact prospects quickly and cost-effectively to nurture them into sales. Consider your machine gun and Landvoice your ammunition,” says Cory Prado, National Sales Manager for “And by pairing two industry leaders’ knowledge and resources together with a strong work ethic… success is virtually guaranteed.”

This is why Landvoice and SalesDialers, two well-established companies in the real estate industry have partnered together. This partnership will help agents build their business effectively with a powerful self-perpetuating sales engine fueled by the Landvoice leads.

For more information about Landvoice and SalesDialers visit:

About Landvoice
Landvoice is your web-based seller lead solution to increase your real estate listings. Landvoice provides more leads with more cell phone numbers than any other service.

– Expireds, FSBOs, Just Listed/Just Sold, Pre-Foreclosure, and Old Expired leads.
– Accurate phone numbers including cell phone numbers
– All numbers scrubbed against the DNC registry
– Access on the cloud any time, anywhere, with any mobile device, including Mac or PC
– Be the “First to call” with daily leads and daily status updates
– Powerful neighborhood search tool for geographic farming to quickly access neighbor information (just listed and just sold properties) so you can prospect, mail and call.
-Unmatched data quality and verification to provide missing property owner information. is a web-based dialer CRM solution designed to help agents generate and nurture leads quickly and efficiently while keeping the lead pipeline full.

– A cloud-based dialing solution accessible from any computer.
– One, two, three and four-line dialers for you to call hundreds of leads per hour.
– Includes dialing and lead management with a calendar, email, call recording, FTC/FCC safeguards and numerous other features.
– Unlimited ongoing training and support as well as sales training.

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