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Today we will be comparing the pricing and features of ProspectBoss RE Data to and LandVoice RE Data.  

Landvoice offers FSBO & Expireds, Old Expireds, Neighborhood, and Pre-Foreclosure Data.  They also offer Call Capture which allows you a toll-free number to place on your signs so that you know which listings are getting the most attention.  A pretty nifty feature for tracking, but not actively useful for prospecting.  Overall, probably a good source of data, but lacks the tools to actually prospect with. 


ProspectBoss offers FSBO & Expireds, Agent Circle Prospecting, and a full general database to pull leads from based on the criteria you enter.  There is also a mobile numbers data list to pull from.  

Once you have all your data ready, ProspectBoss also has a CRM Dialer that you can load your leads into and begin prospecting.  With calling, texting, emailing, video messaging, ringless messaging, and more, you can be a prospecting machine in no time.  All the tools needed all in one spot.  This maximizes your time, efforts, and money.  


If you would like to learn more, please reach out to us. 

800-662-4009 or

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