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ListShack is a data provider that offers consumer and business leads. There search filters includes industry standards including age, DOB, income range, homeowner, net worth and more for consumer. While business search filters include, SIC code, number of employees, sales volume, years in business and square footage. They advertise that they receive their data from public sources and opt-in databases. ListShack also states that they DNC scrub their list and update data quarterly with minor changes monthly.

Pricing: Based on their marketing, you have unlimited access for $50/month/user. When viewing their pricing page the $50 per month gives you 5,000 records per download and 50,000 records per month. There are other plans that range from $199-$499, with the highest tiered allowing for 500,000 records to be pulled per month.


SalesDataList is a truly unlimited database of consumer leads, business leads, Canadian leads and cell data. We offer low month to month cost to help any business professional build the perfect lead list with options for DNC scrubbing and state-wide search.

Consumer Data: Our consumer data is updated every 3 months to provide new data and remove the bad data. Our customers are able to search with more than 30 filters including zip, state, age range, DOB, income range, credit range, marital states, home type and much more. Our consumer data even includes the option to scrub your search against our DNC database which is updated every month.

Business Data: Our business database holds over 14 million businesses nationwide from various directories. Search filters include SIC, industry keywords, sales volume, employee volume, zip, state and country.

Mobile Data: The mobile data is also updated every 3 months to provide new mobile numbers to our customers. You can search with up to 5 zip codes to receive name, address, mobile number, gender and much more.

DNC Options: On top of having the option to scrub your search from our consumer data, we also have a product that allows your leads against our DNC database so your business stays compliant.

Pricing: SalesDataList offers the best prices in the market so any business professional can succeed. With subscription plans starting as low as $99/month and our highest pricing at $179/month. There are no record or download limitations, once you sign up you have full access. SalesDataList also provides the products in packaged deals that allow you build a suite full of tools needed for your business with an added discount for bundling.

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