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Not all data is created equal…

So let’s talk about how the ProspectBoss FSBO/Expireds product stacks up against another industry option Landvoice FSBO/Expireds.

However, the leads are just one part of the equation. Think about leads as bullets and now you need a gun… our CRMdialer. Using a CRMdialer will allow you to prospect and engage your leads more effectively with phone calls, emails, SMS text, voicemail drops and nurture them efficiently with our CRM using the following features:

Dial list prioritization.



Automated tasks.

Inbound/outbound calling.

Call recording.

Caller ID and local presence.


Custom Dispositions

Custom profile fields.

Multiple Line Dialing.

DNC list.

On-screen Scripting.

Call-forwarding and Voicemail.

Firewall Security.

Inbound calls and voicemail

Live monitoring.

Live transfers.


Real-time Lead Integration.

VoIP and Webphone built-in.

Long-term automated lead nurture.

Facebook lead form integration.

Videos in email and SMS text messages.

Video Calling

On-Screen Scripting with Dynamic Call Scripts

And this brings us to another point… pricing for “all” of our products is all-inclusive meaning we have “no” set-up fees, taxes, cancellation fees, phone bill and no contracts. There are no surprises and what you see is what you pay. We like to not only be transparent with our pricing and policies, but feel that we offer a great product at a fair and reasonable price with stellar support to take care of our customers.

If you’d like to learn more or talk about your business goals feel free to give us a call. We’re always happy to listen and exchange ideas or help you with any of our other dialing solutions and lead products. Have a great day everyone!

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