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It’s here! What you all have been waiting for!

Real-time Alerts –

Now whenever you receive a real-time alert you:

  • Can download the recorded on the “Calling Reports” page and e-mail this file to the user.
  • Create custom target fields during auto campaign creation of real-time leads.
  • Have real-time lead notification alerts in the User Interface (UI). This real-time visual alert will show on your screen and an alert e-mail will be sent to your alert box. When you view this alert, you will be able to pause your current campaign, go to “List Campaigns”, and run the automatically created campaign!

Campaign Wise Statistics –

Aside from the new and improved real-time alert features that just came out, we are pleased to announce our “Campaign Wise Statistics”. With this feature, you will be able to view your statistics based on the campaign and the date. And, managers will be able to view the statistics for every agent listed under your manager account based on campaigns and date as well!

We know that these new features will help you be more productive as you utilize our solution.

Please look out for more exciting releases and updates in the near future.

Until then, if you have any questions concerning these new features, please log onto live chat support, join us for one of our webinars, or give us a call.

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