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We have some EXCITING news if you sell Medicare T65 products. We’ve just released our Medicare Interactive Map to compliment our SalesDataList lead product! You can…

  • Instantly view hot spots all over the US by color intensity.
  • Target T65 by specific months.
  • Heat map will change based on month selected showing new leads available in that area.
  • Select multiple counties and other filters such as income, credit score range, gender and marital status.
  • You can even scrub your leads against the Do Not Call list for no additional charge.

This is a game-changer!


You don’t want to dial all those leads by hand do you?

Well, you can push your leads DIRECTLY into our CRMdialer to auto-dial and engage them much faster as well as nurture them with features like voicemail drops, SMS text messaging, emailing, video phone calls and countless other features. 

The best part about the Medicare Interactive Map is that it is completely free with a SalesDataList subscription. If you would like to try out our Medicare interactive map you can sign up now for 50% off your first month’s order!

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