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When you think of prospecting, what comes to mind?  Does the idea make you anxious, cautiously optimistic, or confident?  Prospecting is a necessary activity if you want to succeed… and it doesn’t have to fill you with dread.  There are tools available that can make everything so much easier.  It does come down to how much money you want to spend though.  


Phone Animal:  A real estate ISA company that will make calls and set appointments for you and you take it from there.  

Sounds great right?  

You get actual leads and the people generally WANT to talk to you.  And you didn’t have to make the calls yourself!  However, there are a few downsides to that convenience.   

  •  Appointments are set by someone else so you may end up with clashing schedules.


  • You are not building rapport from the very beginning.  


  • It costs A LOT!  The monthly payment option is $1500 every month!
    • Plus another $1500 just to get set up with your ISA.
    •  PLUS You still have to provide the ISA with your own Dialer and Data.  


Prospect Boss: A CRM Dialer platform that allows you to prospect in many forms in one central location.  

Also sounds great right?

You get a CRM that will keep all your prospecting activity in one place, a dialer, texting, emailing, video messaging & more all from the same platform.  You also can get access to data lists if you need them. 

Now, the only downside to this option is that you take away the convenience of having someone else do that prospecting work for you.  BUT you save a ton of money as ProspectBoss’s most expensive plan costs $359 per month and that includes everything you need to prospect effectively every single month.  


It’s been said that there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.  Meaning, put in the work!! And you will find success at the top. 

It should be said, though, that Prospect Boss is lightyears ahead of manual prospecting though.  Using a dialer makes phone prospecting a breeze, and with SMS and email drip campaigns, your follow up game will be strong! 


However, if you choose, you can take the escalator…. This means, since Phone Animal requires you to still provide them with a dialer and data in order to use them, Prospect Boss is an ideal platform to use for that.  

So ask yourself, how much are you willing to pay for your success?  $1500+ monthly or $359 (or less) monthly?  


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