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all right hey nick
it’s awesome to have you on thanks so
much for taking the time to talk to us
oh my gosh start to be here yeah
um i’ve been watching you you know back
and forth for
probably a year now and your energy has
always just
inspired me and i always get really
pumped up whenever i see
you know something of yours pop up in my
facebook feed so it’s really
it’s really great to see you you know
take the time to talk to me
i’m excited to be here it’s going to be
so um our goal here is just to give
agents real estate agents out there um
you know some value and
and kind of give them a glimpse into the
to a day in the life of like a former
top producing real estate agent
and some of the things that they can do
you know
easier better help them along the way
so tell us who you are the name of your
company a little bit about what you do
and why you love it
oh i appreciate that thank you for
having me stoked to be here um so used
be a uh real estate franchise owner i
started i got a real estate when i was
uh a lot of people you know once you
once you get the the the itch of real
estate i think people go all in on it
right so did your traditional route you
get your real estate license
get your 90 hours of schooling your
little you know your little license and
stickers on my car and my business cards
i joined my first broker like we were
told to right
and they were literally next door to the
real estate company and so i went over
and i had dropped out of college for
this dream of
really entrepreneurship and and i kind
of want to change the word of like
realtor realtor to i really believe
we’re entrepreneurs we’re solopreneurs
and so i got in this business with
dreams right left a football scholarship
on the table to do this and i joined my
broker who promises you training and
promises you leads and whatever
it was floor time at that time because
we were in a shopping center and
of course they want to split for that so
they took you know i was on a 60 40
split and i give them my 500
startup fee and i remember showing up to
the office the very first day
you know coffee i’m all suited and
booted ready to go 19 year old kid knows
nothing about nothing
i’m from a small town i grew up in a
single wide trailer down a dirt road on
the prairie
and i’m in the big city of phoenix
arizona getting ready to sell the homes
you know and i’m gonna set the world on
and i remember asking like the office
secretary like hey where’s the broker
like i really need some help she’s like
oh well she’s come in much and
huh like she just took my money like to
train me and coach me
and i remember walking up to her i
finally like got got to talk to her and
she handed me just a stack
like it might as well been a phone book
but it was just a stack of old leads
she’s like go ahead call him
and i’m like what do i say she’s like i
don’t know say just ask what they want
to sell i’m like
didn’t you just tell me you were going
to train me so then they sent me to the
office top producer and i’m like oh my
gosh i finally met the gal and i’m like
super nervous to meet with her you know
and i’m like hey
i’ll try to be fast and she’s like well
you better because i gotta get to work
and i go what do you mean work like like
a home and she goes
no i have a full-time job and i was like
i was really confused and i guess
disillusioned because
i saw real estate differently and come
to find out the office top producer
had sold seven homes the year prior and
that was the best well if you look at
the averages in real estate nar reports
the average realtor barely sells three
homes per year well i wanted to make a
full-time career out of this and so
it took me eight months to sell my first
house and a lot of agents out there can
really relate to the story is
you’re a good hard-working person and
you’re really dedicated to this and
you have bills but you also have dreams
of this real estate career you just
know and i felt that like i was
genuinely like i cared and i would work
but i just
i was almost running east looking for a
sunset right and no matter how
passionate you are or what you’re
listening to inspirational-wise or how
cool your nikes are you’re not gonna get
and so i actually quit real estate eight
months later and got a part-time job
leasing apartments as a leasing temp
agent because i thought like
okay they’ll pay my bills but i can
still stay around real estate and then
one day i saw an ad to join a real
estate team
and i met my mentor and i joined him and
i was alone for eight months and he
showed me six days worth of training i
mean you’re talking six days worth of
like just teaching me what to say
i sold a home on my sixth day with him
wow i was alone for eight months
on my sixth day i sold the 350 000 house
and then on my 12th day i sold another
home and
what that really taught me because the
story isn’t about me this is about the
agents listening
first of all no you’re not alone if
you’re running that real estate roller
coaster and you’re really trying to get
deals but two
i really believe in proven frameworks
and and road maps and i joined him
he was selling 300 homes per year well
now i can learn from and model
the best anthony robbins said it best
find somebody who’s already achieved the
level of success that you’re really
and just start modeling what they did to
get there and i started modeling him and
i spent
a few years with him and then when i was
23 years old i went out on my own and i
started my own real estate brokerage
called ghost sold realty at the time
um and we created it from the ground up
and i was really proud i was 23 years
you know full of a ton of energy and
something to prove and within 12 months
by my 24th birthday i sold 195 homes and
did 1.5 million dollars of commissions
and i was really
really proud of that we did a lot of
that through just prospecting and open
houses and that’s why i love what
you guys are doing with the tools that
you arm agents with and that went on to
you know become an eight-figure business
we sold 2500 homes i wrote a book
uh we cast 25 million of commissions and
it was really fun had an investment
division and you know i spent 14 years
in the real estate industry
and it was an amazing amazing amazing
business but what i really found was
in that process how freaking amazing
real estate agents are but oftentimes
how garbage the advice that they get is
and and so that’s why when you reached
out i haven’t spoken
about real estate in over a year now
because what i do now is
i actually still coach realtors but i
also coach entrepreneurs because
i feel our model is broken whereas you
have these facebook
ad kids that sell realtors two dollar or
three dollar leads
i i know these kids like i’ve tested
their strategies
and their goal is just to get you the
cheapest dumbest leads possible and not
really care to put you on a monthly
and i really believe agents don’t want
leads they want clients
that’s just my personal opinion but we
spin it that way and then zillow will
spin it this way and then
the broker or the team leader will throw
you this little like glitzy shiny over
here to get you in
i was just telling you a story before we
came on you know i was talking to an
agent that i’m coaching personally
and he had given his team leader twenty
thousand dollars in his 70 30 split
20 grand he paid to this team leader
last year not one of the deals came from
the team leader they came from what him
and i are doing
so i have this passion if you see my get
a little excited
because i really believe realtors need
to step in to a
marketing mindset and become actually
true blue business owners
you know i have so much respect for a
real estate agent when you’ve been out
you know showing a family i mean i
showed up one family 150 homes
you know like the life of a real estate
agent like for months
chasing a deal or negotiating with the
seller where they
no i’m not going to pay you three
percent you know how hard that feel like
how how how bad that feels or like
sitting in an open i used to sit at open
houses for 10 12 hours a day on a
saturday to like
you just fall asleep on the couch just
you’re trying
so hard and i almost feel like sometimes
realtors and i did too
we live it’s almost like we’re in
quicksand and the faster we run
it’s like you just can’t make progress i
call this now the entrepreneur black
hole and
i mean tell me if this sounds familiar
is well there’s so much advice
you have to be buying ads and then you
got to be on facebook now you got to be
going live on facebook now you got to be
on youtube now you’re going to be on
instagram now you’re going to be in
no you got to be doing just souls open
houses expires and it almost feels like
like chaotic black hole what i found is
because i’ve i
lived in it and living at certain times
is the farther
the more motivated you are to succeed
the farther you get down that hole
because you’ll give up the kids soccer
games dance recitals you’ll study you’ll
work you’ll go grind it out
whereas like they’re just so driven to
succeed so that’s truly like my life’s
passion and mission right now
is is coaching impact-driven
entrepreneurs is what i call them so
entrepreneurs or realtors is really who
we’re speaking to is
somebody with a huge heart that it
genuinely wants to help that buyer or
that seller
but just needs some leads and like the
thing that i love about the real estate
industry is
our average commission when we sold was
7 800
now you have agents all throughout the
nation possibly even the world but
it’s probably not much different you
know that much commission for a lot of
realtors could be four or five thousand
bucks ten thousand bucks
well how many of those do you need
before stuff starts making a lot of
one or two more and you’re like wow like
i could really make some
impact i could pay off my debt i could
buy an investment property i could put
my kids through college
and so that’s been my life’s passion for
truly 15 years
is helping real estate agents you know i
took a a papa john’s pizza delivery guy
but he was just motivated got into real
estate and he was making a hundred
hundred and fifty grand a year
in in my system and every time he’d get
like an award i would cry
like just knowing how hard he worked and
knowing how hard realtors work and so
when you reached out for me to hop on
i’m like you have tools that genuinely
help realtors
i don’t talk about real estate but i’m
coming on just because
you know celeste you can’t give away
good because when you do it always comes
back to you and i just truly hope that
there’s some realtor out there that
kind of what we talk about in this
discussion this crazy bearded dude that
talks with his hands a lot
um maybe sparks a thought and maybe it
leads somebody to a deal
excellent i mean that was a mouthful
oh we’re just getting warmed up celeste
trust me trust me
okay so you’ve spoken
a bit about um
you know making it
turning agents into business owners
doing your own marketing
and along with that comes doing your own
so out of
you know there’s lots of things that
prospect boss does as far as you know as
a system
and it’s all geared towards helping
agents prospect
easier better more efficiently
so out of calling
emailing texting video messaging
ringless messaging agent circle
what is what would you say is the
best combination of prospecting
so i get asked this question a lot right
what’s the best funnel what’s the best
marketing route what’s the best
you know prospecting tool video
marketing what’s the best social media
platform all the above
you ready for like the after 15 years
i mean eight figures of commissions over
a billion dollars of real estate do you
know what the number one out of
all of them is cold calling the one that
you’re actually using
oh there you go let me explain what i
i teach a concept called your super
power or your
dante bruce lee said this i don’t fear
the man
that knows 10 000 kicks if you’re the
man that’s done
one kick ten thousand times and so
whenever an agent approaches me or a
business owner for that matter
what what i truly believe in is finding
one thing
and mastering it and investing the time
the energy and the resources
and so if you look at it this way do you
have an agent right now that sold 100
homes made a million dollars on circle
yes there’s probably hundreds throughout
the nation do you have an agent that’s
done that on video marketing
yes there’s probably hundreds throughout
the nation have they done that on email
drips yes have they done that on open
houses yes facebook ads zillow ads truly
ads all the above
and so what the reason i love your
guys’s tool is it’s a
it’s a lower cost tool and you have to
get in and trade
your time and you really have to focus
but i really believe in that
it’s like if you look at it this way
what’s the best workout program on
weight loss program
well it’s the one you’re doing and it’s
the meal you’re having right and so
if you just focus on it people get fit
with keto they get fit with atkins they
get filled with paleo they fit with
these are just different modalities and
i think the world that we live in is
we’re marketed to so much to tell us
that we’re not enough and we should be
buying this and then you buy this guy’s
course and oh
that’s just the entry course and cool
now you need to have this course in this
and it really kind of bothers me is
truly like my life’s passion is trying
to like just cut the clutter so
what i would say is out of all of them
find the one that you feel meets your
personality and your modality best your
and the reason i say it that way is you
have to create a life in a business by
i truly believe that we are the
architects of our business
so before i i put the bow on that
conversation i want to lead there
because i think that’s a little bit
farther down the stage
i would tell any realtor before that
happens what does your business by
look like i i actually believe that we
as realtors entrepreneurs i think we
build our own jail cells
from the inside out and we don’t even
know it let me give you a story when i
23 24 kind of ego started taking over
just sold 200 homes well i’m going to
open up a location
across town okay and so i opened up a
location and started going after a
target market that was 50 miles away
from where i lived
well i’m in this market live in this
market know this market spend my time in
this market but because
i’m chasing you know something bigger i
wanted to tell people we were split you
know across the town or whatever
i started driving an hour across town on
a daily basis in the morning
so instead of getting up and having a
cup of coffee walking my puppy dog
working out you know
enjoying my life i would get up and be
on the road at 6 30 a.m
pounding the wheel stuck in rush hour
right and i would commute across town
then when i rushed you know and cranked
all day long i had to come home you know
an hour
and and the reason i share that with you
is this are there agents you know
is there a market where an agent could
take it and go deep and dominate
yes so instead of trying to run across
town go deep and go
all in but it has to meet their ultimate
business and life by design
so i would ask this question for those
listening why did you honestly start
your business
what does your if you could pre like
literally map out the most beautiful day
for yourself why did you start
that business i was just talking to an
entrepreneur he flips
a few hundred homes per year he makes a
couple hundred grand per month and i’m
coaching him and
we had this conversation last uh last
week i said brother
you know so often entrepreneurs will
trade our daughter’s dance recital or
soccer game or whatever or church
for five years now you can be be at them
right and i get that right
i’m not trying to hear the lesson here
don’t i’m not trying to say don’t spend
the time
what i’m saying is this in five years
like there’s not this
this light at the end of the tunnel that
like you finally hit x amount of money
or x amount of listings or x amount of
and then you’re just set right right and
i said
she might not even be in dance in five
years so could we
hypothetically design your business
where that all fit inside of it and
sellers had to work around you
and buyers had to work around you and if
you truly knew
why you started this business for the
time freedom the money freedom that
whatever that is
just map that out i call it a life by
design you truly get a journal and map
out what does my perfect day look like
what like how do clients treat me
what does my time look like when am i
going on showings where am i going on
you identify a target market around that
that’ll accomplish that and then that
leads me to your question of
finding a tool that fits into that that
will meet your
modality some people are really really
good on the phone others are good on
others are good with the written form
well don’t do something because so
so said you should do something because
that’s a good idea but hey this actually
meets who i am as a person
i love this this will help me reach my
target market let me give you a perfect
i ran over to clubhouse everybody goes
for this new clubhouse thing and it’s
who’s got the invite i’m watching people
sit on clubhouse for three to four hours
a day just talking
and listening and don’t get me wrong
ideas are good sharing your voice is
but if you’re better on video why would
you jump to an audio platform doesn’t
make sense
yeah if you’re if you’re better in the
live form why would you try to
like and so i’m really big on this if
you’re great at written word
we’ll write some really cool articles or
blog posts and try to get published in
your local newspaper community
find one that fits your modality of who
you are so you can become that
superpower or superhero
then it makes sure it fits into your
true business by design
so i’m going back to the jail spell that
i had created looking back
in my market where i lived we were
selling 200 homes per year
but there was also 15 000 other homes
around me that i wasn’t going after
so instead of actually making my own
life by design
i get up i work out i don’t commute you
know we have time for this this this and
and going deep deep deep into this
communities getting a really good
instead i’ll pull the plug and go run
facebook ads an hour across town we were
running radio ads valley-wide
and i’m just so big on just designing
this ultimate business model that
serves you so back to your question is
find the one that you actually aren’t
going to hate doing i know
prospecting isn’t it’s not having an ice
cream sundae here we’re not laying on a
beach tip of margaritas which i truly
wish you were
however you have to find one that’s
going to serve you long term
let me share with you a personal story
can you make money with expireds
yeah you probably have a lot of people
doing it i would come in every morning
i would get my big giant the big red
bull from the gas station and i would
call in at 7 30 in the morning getting
hung up on a hundred times by nine am
was not my cup of tea
however i have some friends that
absolutely kill it with it who’s
right and who’s wrong we’re both right
if it fits your modality and you’re good
at it and you get business from it
you can get more confidence with it and
what happens is when you find something
master it you get better at it you get
results with it
hypothetically let’s say they take
circle prospecting for example and
they’re good on the voice and they get a
good script and they got some good tools
which i have something really cool to
share with you in a second
is once you get that first sale out of
it let’s say you go get a ten thousand
dollar sale
couldn’t you take 10 off the top
back into circle prospecting get cool
buyers guide seller guys tools to make
your life
easier get a better you know get a
better headset then you get better at it
then you get another
listing then that listing leads you to a
buyer and like i think if you go back to
this concept of doubling down
on something it’ll crush but too many
agents want to do this
no offense to you guys out there i love
you just don’t punch me when i say this
we want to go do the free free free free
free which i’m for that’s fine
we want to go to free facebook we want
to get the one the one cute little
photo that that’s so like it’s funny
because like i have like 3 000 friends
that are realtors
when one meme comes out i see it 10 000
because we steal it from somebody else
and like my favorite one
what year were you when you bought your
first home i’m like homie dude i’ve seen
a thousand of you share this in hopes of
getting somebody to engage
do you know how how hard like you know
crappy it is to go work your butt off
to create a post or an article or a
video and go
share it and have three people like it
and get crickets
my mom the local recruiter who’s trying
to recruit you to exp realty
that you’re tied to wrap up your
mortgage company that’s that like and
i’ve walked i started studying the
celeste like it was a science
i would go through a hundred real estate
agents post a day four likes five likes
six likes seven likes who’s commenting
the lender that wants your business the
title rep that gave you that article
your team leader who recruited you over
but you know who’s not commenting or
prospects prospects
and and the minute i started sharing
this it opens up like this huge world of
well that’s a really good point the post
is the right thing
but the right the right bait in the
wrong pond can’t do it
the thing that you guys are talking
about is you’re literally calling
the like the target like the actual
people like you’re fishing in a stocked
you know but we wanna we wanna throw it
out there and hope i really just share
with agents and entrepreneurs hey man
that’s uncontrollable it’s not
predictable can i share with you like a
really next level lesson that i learned
from my mentor
so we were in dallas texas i was part of
like this little local marketing group
and we went to this seminar in dallas
and so we get to dallas and i’m 24 i’m
the young little you know real estate
guy and our
our group was like hey nick you know
there’s that big guru here
uh we know him do you want to meet him
he’s from phoenix too
and he had closed 8 000 transactions in
the real estate and mortgage business
8 000 so i ended up meeting him
terrified right you know i’m looking at
this man and so we started
chatting well anyway we got home to
phoenix and i started
you know building a relationship with
him and he’s become my mentor and one of
my closest friends we chat you know
five times a day we’re launching a new
business together and he shared me with
this lesson i think this has changed the
way i saw the real estate
industry forever he said nick what’s
your average commission i said 8 000
bucks he goes great
if if if i gave you right now
like if you like if i had eight grand
right now how much would you pay me for
and i said what do you mean he goes
would you give me 100
cash right now if i handed you eight
grand back like literally traded it off
and i said well dude yeah i mean that
he goes all right son would you trade me
today like literally go in your bank
account you hand me 500 bucks back
i hand you 8 000 in return i said well
yeah dude like i’d be net 7 500 he goes
okay now here’s the lesson
would you go hand me one thousand
dollars crazy right would you
gamble one thousand dollars if i handed
you eight grand back
and i stopped and thought about it for a
second i said
well yeah you know if i knew that i was
going to get it back of course i would
be net
seven grand and he said and here’s the
what do you want to trade for a ten
thousand dollar listing
and i went oh my word and he said nick
you’re gonna trade time or money
and what i have found is agents want a
high-end video
but won’t spend 100 bucks to have
somebody edit it that’s a professional
we’re going to edit it on our iphone we
won’t invest in a selfie light or a
better camera or a professional video
with what you’re talking about a camera
to do video emails
maybe even your service in itself right
like i just feel that so often we’re
stepping over tens of thousands of
to save pennies whereas a few hundred
dollar investment on
you can have a video edited sick for 50
bucks a podcast edited for 25
i just had a video shoot done here at
the harbor cost me 150 bucks to have
this kid with like the dope 4k big
camera lens mic me up and shoot 4 videos
i share with you that story because i
think the lesson hits home i’m not
saying give a grand grand grand
what i’m saying is we expect to get
three four five listings per month or
buyers per month
there you have to be willing to trade it
i did an agent call me up last month he
goes brother i want to run facebook ads
i’m like awesome dude let’s do this
and i was like cool like do you have a
funnel or like an ebook or a guide to
give them
well no i was like okay well what are
you thinking on a budget
he goes five dollars a day i said
brother you want to trade five dollars a
day and i’m gonna turn what do you want
he goes i want three listings per month
i said you don’t think some other
sitting next to you is like oh if i if i
could give you
five dollars and you hand me a 10 grand
listing back i take that get all day
but it doesn’t work that way and so what
i just want agents to think about is
like from a business owner’s standpoint
what would i be willing to trade my time
yes two hours of my time
heck yes to get that in return and
that’s why i just love what you’re doing
with the tools that you guys
provide agents because it allows them to
invest a few hundred dollars into some
tools into themselves
and then really just go all in on their
business and double down celeste
yeah it’s so i saw this
you know this quote and i honestly don’t
know who
said it originally um but
it was something along the lines of
there is no
elevator to success you have to take the
and to me that means
putting in the work you know there’s no
magic pill that you can take
that’s gonna you know send you straight
to the top to be a top producer you know
day one there’s it just
isn’t going to happen you have to put in
the work you have to take the time
and the effort to actually build it
and i like to think of you know our tool
our platform as you know kind of an
you know no you there’s not going to be
an elevator that’s going to take you
straight to the top but using our tool
and putting in the work you might get
there a little bit faster
absolutely i love that that’s super rad
so you say that there was something um
that you had that you were gonna show us
yeah so so i’ve been prospecting for 15
years right
and uh let me just let me just set the
stage with this little story
so uh the story really kind of changed
the way i saw my real estate business so
i must have been 21 22 years at the time
i was a kid right so i walk into this
gentleman and all our realtors you’re
gonna laugh right now
i walk in you know i got my my briefcase
my presentation ready to go and i sit at
a kitchen table
he literally looks at me he goes okay
dude you got 10 minutes because there’s
two more lined up behind you
i said excuse me and he goes well yeah
you realtors are a dime a dozen i got
i’m going to interview five of you and i
was like interesting
wow okay so as i’m pulling out my
presentation a little nervous a little
shook at this point
right the phone rings and he goes yeah
when you come here he goes
yeah i got i got the one here you’re
about done right i haven’t even started
and he’s like yeah i’ll be here in 15
minutes okay bye
i literally hadn’t even opened up my
presentation and i was a good realtor at
the time it
was selling like 30 40 homes per year
and he goes okay dude what’s the
cheapest you’re gonna
do this for he’s gonna do it for one
percent will you beat that
and i remember looking at him i’m like
why don’t you respect me
why are you being a jerk how am i gonna
grow my business this way and i was like
dude like i spend more than again to
market your home we do the high-end
photos and the high-end videos and like
you’re not even respecting me at all and
i didn’t like that feeling
and i think a lot of realtors can relate
to that where a buyer asks you for your
commission or a seller
to beat you up on your commission and i
remember grabbing my briefcase and i’m
like well this is the lost cause
i’m walking out of his driveway and
there truly was two cars lined up behind
and i saw the realtors on their
bluetooth you know trying to trying to
get in the mode or whatever
and i remember driving home that night
and i wasn’t mad at him
do you know who i was mad at
myself because i put myself in that
situation let me see if i can find
really quickly for you
um what what that started for me celeste
was a journey of
how does a realtor and this is this is
probably the biggest lesson i could give
anybody listening which ties into your
tool how can a realtor position
as the pro where somebody will never ask
them about their commission ever again
how can you position yourself as the
go-to authority
and expert in that in that market and so
it sent me on this crazy journey
of learning authority branding and
attraction marketing
let me explain i as a real estate agent
like in my market of phoenix arizona
there was 75 000 realtors there and i
think there there’s more there
right and we call that in the marketing
world a red ocean where it’s just all
chummed up and just completely
competitive right
right the idea in marketing is to create
your own niche in your own blue ocean so
how do you do that as a real estate
you have to share truly expert advice
understanding the world of real estate
is actually somewhat easy
i call them aas average agents if you
are one and want to change that
hear me out in this the average agent
will not take the time to
actually study demographics in the
neighborhood to actually go through
every sale every pending listing every
active listings and become
the authority in we just want things to
be quick and easy
so many agents want to do like a quick
zoom cma and rush out
i used to spend literally like five to
six hours on a cma i would preview the
i’ll explain why that matters the more
you know about the community your market
all the above it allows you to share
through expert advice i truly believe
in attraction marketing meaning you have
one realtor that comes out
find out what your home is worth guys
it’s 20 21
they know what their home is worth give
or take ten percent it’s called
zillow they know how to search for homes
it’s funny i still see people get a free
list of homes
did anybody charge for a list of homes
30 years ago
no but we take this marketing that we
or no offense title companies i love
title companies they’re not
marketing teams they’re trying to get
your real estate business
so they’re going to give you a cute
postcard or whatever and i’m not
knocking it but what i’m saying is
we’re taking information from people
that are actually not marketers
and so i started seeking other
information outside of the industry and
we started and all the realtors
listening to me right now
create a piece of marketing that
somebody will ask you for
for example one of the current things
that i’m running the ultimate playbook
for impact-driven
entrepreneurs the seven frameworks to
attract in more leads build more
authority and grow your business we’re
offering this online
i’m not calling people begging them to
take this you are now
asking me for this now hear me out on
this and watch
watch how this connects to real estate
if i wrote the playbook for impact
driven entrepreneurs and know the seven
frameworks and you’re somebody that
wants to grow your business odds are i
probably know what i’m talking about if
i took the time to write this
if a real estate agent took the time to
write the kovid’s guides to
post election you know sprucing up your
in x amount of a community and wrote
this guy
you can do this for free right now on for
free and have it done in an hour then
lead with that so back to the point of
circle prospecting
arm yourself with the raddest tools
possible if i called you and said hey i
have really really cool stuff
that’s going to put a ton of money in
your pocket help you spruce up your home
would you want it
if you say you’re a jerk of course
you’re going to say yes right
what i teach is agents creating really
cool pieces of content
how how you can buy a home zero down and
get up to thirteen thousand or like
ask me how and you write that as a guide
how would a buyer treat you
if you had that guide in your hand or
you were on a zoom call with them or
doing a face to face
they would love you they would see you
as an expert they would make your advice
because i know how hard it is to attract
these people in and be like well you do
it for one percent so let me let me put
a bow on this story
so i go on this journey of how to build
the ultimate attraction tools this is
what i do now you can tell why i kind of
left real estate i really believe
this makes i still coach 50 of my
students are realtors but i believe that
this is the game changer so think about
circle prospecting with a tool like this
i smile with a like a click funnel or
sales funnel
if if a realtor had that ready to go in
ebook or a guide
or printed these up game changers so
what i did was i started seeking
how can i come up with the ultimate
branding tool for myself because i’m
done having guys tell me one percent
my signing ratio was 40 here’s what i
i got to know my craft really well and i
wrote a book about my home selling
i teach realtors and business owners to
become self-published authors i have a
self-publishing company now
and a print shop this cost me six grand
to publish
we have realtors published books for
less than 250 dollars let me explain why
i will conference one night and this
guy’s talking about books and i’m like
well that
like i don’t want to sell them on amazon
i just want freaking homeowners to love
me right
and so all i did was i took my 10-step
home selling
system my presentation that i knew
inside and out and i wrote it as a book
it took me two weeks i wrote for 30
minutes a day
for two weeks special i literally do
this the reason i’m sharing
with you is this story so we put this
together i got these printed up
and so i was like oh crap well if
somebody wants to to apply to work with
me now as a homeowner
i have to do everything on my power
before i get to their house
to build authority so watch this
homeowner calls me up on a monday
and he said and this is true like agents
are gonna laugh hey nick uh my home’s
been on the market five announced my
co-worker next to me you know says
you’re awesome
hey just a heads up dude i hate realtors
i think you guys suck
like i’m pretty pissed off i’ve had my
home on the market for five and a half
that’s so typical right we’ve all been
by some realtor that just
doesn’t care like just throws the
listing up
takes photos off of their iphone i hate
but you want 10 grand back in return so
i get that if you know the game you’re
you can completely see it differently
like i hope agents are going to be like
dude this guy’s pulling back us thank
so he calls me on my mind i said pro
i’ll be there on thursday he says just a
heads up i’m interviewing four other
very typical of my market most markets
are the same i’m up against
cousin erie who’s going to do it for a
nickel you know the home vesters or the
cash offer guys
just know the geek and differentiate
more time differentiating so i said
great no problem so i’m going to see you
on thursday well monday
the phone hangs up i know this is going
to be the same every time like the sun
goes up sun
goes down sellers have the same emotions
so what we did was
we took this book we got a little box
cost me three bucks
we put that in a box put in a
homeowner’s guide a personal note
and i shipped it to his home within two
hours of the phone call
cost me twenty dollars to have the
courier drop it off or my assistant
now watch this he gets home from work
that day and he’s got a box from nick
with my book in it
i invested 25 bucks 30 bucks in it right
but we also knew that he was gonna have
questions about who am i who is this guy
why should i hire him what’s the home
slam process look like so we recorded
three videos
off of my iphone that said you know hey
here’s nick’s story here’s nick’s
journey here’s why nick is
on fire for homeowners here’s what makes
nick different
here’s a few of nick’s testimonials
here’s what to expect and we created
these videos as the three-step drip
which your system can email out so
knowing that i’m coming on thursday
he gets the book he gets an email
tuesday he gets a video
wednesday he gets a video simple took me
you know
easy wednesday at 10 30 a.m my phone is
true story no
fabrication 10 30 a.m my phone rings and
i had his number safe
and i said you know hey this is nick he
goes dude you’re the real freaking deal
aren’t you
and i was like well hi good morning how
are you and he goes bro
i got a book with your name on it i’ve
gotten these videos and he goes hey man
i apologize for what i said on monday he
goes you’re my guy
and i said i appreciate that and he goes
hey i cancelled those other appointments
can you come over on uh tonight and sign
my listing up well this was a half a
million dollar home that i was gonna
make 15 grand on
yeah i’ll be on my way so this is so
funny i pull up to the house
i park you know as we all do outside of
the home and i’m trying to get in this
and the the big like beautiful like
custom doors were wide open
and so i’m walking up and i’m six one
and wear a suit when i go to listings
his wife must have been five foot one
she literally goes nick
and gives me a big hug i have never
never met them
she gives me a hug as i’m hugging her
they have like this spiral staircase and
he’s walking down and he goes
there my guide i can finally move to
chicago where do i sign
45 seconds and i laughed and i said well
can i see you around the home first
what what was that process it was me
actually looking at this from a business
owner stand from a marketer standpoint
how do i tell him what makes me
different because if you look at the
previous story
guy laughing at me one percent i don’t i
don’t budge like dude like no this is
what you’re going to get this is why
right homeowners want the most amount of
money they want the baddest freaking
realtor on the planet they don’t want
walmart right
and so how do you differentiate yourself
guys it takes 12 hours to build a toyota
and six months to build a rolls-royce
good things take time and you have to
show what makes you different you have
to show your quality so back to using
prospecting tools
i think an agent with outgoing
prospecting to drive in leads
and authority marketing and branding
game changer
so we teach agents to build a three-step
funnel that builds authority so
the question i would have for every
realtor listing is this
what are those homeowners emotions or
that home buyer depending on who you’re
what are their fears what makes you
different what is your mission and why
are you on fire for them
i think people should share their
mission more in their story
you know so let me just share with you a
quick story uh my little brother sorry
just full of them because i love this
i love it little brother called me up a
few months ago and he’s like he had his
license like six months ago he said bro
i want to get back into real estate i
was like all right man you know so i
started coaching my little brother for
free i let her into my coaching program
and so three days worth i walk them
through some of the everything we’re
talking about and
the goal is you have to stand for
something or you will stand for nothing
you have to differentiate yourself
that’s it you have to stand out from the
and i said well josh what makes you
different he goes well dude i’m just a
pretty rad dude i’d kind of get a beer
with you and just shoot you straight
i said great there’s your brand he goes
really yeah i said yeah why
he goes well dude like this guy like i
saw this facebook ad
he goes dude he looks so cheesy and
gimmicky and he said if i don’t sell
your home in 90 days
i’ll work for free and my little brother
goes dude if you haven’t sold the home
in 90 days
you should have been fired freaking 60
days ago so anyway
i teach my little brother some branding
we gave him some some
you know pieces he built his own guide
on canva he goes
uh live so i teach this whole five step
live strategy
my brother hasn’t sold home in six years
he goes live
i didn’t real estate in six years i
teach him what to say he hops on live
and says
hey guys are you sick of cheesy gimmicky
and he’s like this freaking he goes
listen do you want sunday to shoot you
just tell you what’s going on get a beer
get an iced tea with you and just level
with you
and he goes that’s just kind of what i
want to do and like i don’t know if you
know this but i you know i just got back
into real estate
and i got this really cool guide and and
i’m just going to kind of talk to you
about like
what’s going on in the market and if you
want one let me know
lady literally says josh send that to me
within 24 hours he was at her home
listed her property seven days later
hasn’t sold the home in six years
had no marketing no idea three days with
this type of a strategy three days
he sold at home and made 12 grand it was
so funny because then fast forward i’m
sitting at the thanksgiving table with
my family my dad looks at me and he goes
you can kind of know this stuff and i
was like well almost like i wrote a book
out about it
and he was like this is what you’ve been
doing the whole time i was like yeah i’m
just not going to tell you like this is
what i do
the reason i share that story is you
have to really stand for something and
share your mission
why did you get into real estate was it
that you
always wanted to buy a home and had no
clue that zero down loans exist
and or or and then you did it now you
know you raise your
your family or do you believe in real
estate investments so much because that
passive income or that cash flow funnels
you know or like are you so mad that the
average realtor
literally lists their home for less than
they should and you can get them above
asking price
share that share your heart i truly
believe that if you have a giant
heart to serve an impact-driven
entrepreneur and you have really
cool information to share share it and
get it out there in the marketplace i
say that that ebooks
and things like this they have legs
because they get up and they run away
so if you wrote a kick app go to canva
click on up at the top right click on
build magazine there’s a whole template
you get you get a hundred of these
printed up have your title company chip
hand those out like candy when we were
when we were selling
i wouldn’t give you a business card i
would give you one of these or my
monthly newsletter or a guide because my
information’s on the back
and we we have a couple e-guides or or
home selling guys
that we’ve made a million dollars or
more on this book right here is worth
over six million dollars to us because
i was signing 40 of my appointments i
went to a 90
signing ratio after authority branding
so back to prospect marketing
what kick-ass tool could you lead with
you have to come with that advice it’s
honey this this gal just called me up
and she’s got the homeowner’s guide to x
yeah and then drop it in the mail spend
a dollar on this spend two dollars on
then follow so like the way i always saw
it was if you were to get them as a
circle prospecting lead
go earn it and show them who you are the
minute you hang that up
wow like have a stack of these ready to
go drop a personal note in
then follow up in three days do you
think they’re going to want your phone
oh my god that’s hey how are you like
one little tweak like that
they’ll answer your phone call they’ll
respond to your emails and i just i
didn’t like chasing leads that didn’t
want to work with me like i like you
gave me a fake email address like i have
really cool stuff this year
well if you want the real one you got to
give me a real email you know
or like for us what we would do is we
would get the homeowner’s address
and then mail one of these monthly so we
had a monthly newsletter that had
all of our homes sold on the back a
homeowner’s tip
and we’ve made a few million dollars on
our newsletter strategy and people
like it’s so funny because agents are
like oh no like i could email it out i’d
save some money i’m like
dude that’s why i want to mail it
because you get this in the mailbox and
it’s this eight and a half by eleven
beautiful newsletter
somebody’s gonna pay attention to that
but aren’t you setting the standard for
what your marketing is like if i’m
willing to do this to just meet you
what do you think i’m going to do once i
get your home sold don’t you want the
most amount of money for your home
and here’s why my my you know my
nine-step marketing plan does x x and x
i think
authority branding and really cool tools
link hand in hand
with prospecting and honestly i feel
it’s like if you
like an arsenal of the coolest tools and
guides boom boom boom boom boom
or what if you went and recorded like
the coolest freaking video
of you standing outside of this
community like entrance and you’re like
hey guys
three tips boom boom boom boom boom
here’s what’s going on in the
marketplace and invest
200 250 in like a high-end video with
drones and stuff
then you sent that out hey mr homeowner
nice to meet you hey i just recorded the
three things you have to do to spruce up
your home in 2021
in you know x amount community can i
send that to you
you’re more now leading with value value
value love
really cool ideas i call results in
advance celeste is
if you’re walking around costco or a
grocery store and they have like the
little samples that you take one and
then send your kids back through so you
can have another one if you like them
trust me on other tricks
you’re gonna see you’re going to see a
product that you’ve never heard of
before or maybe you wanted to try
you’re going to try it and you’re either
going to love it and buy it or hate it
that’s exactly it
so i teach something called results in
advance give away
some value up front let them test drive
who you are
if they like it they’ll want more if
they don’t they’re not the right client
for you anyway so you’re trying to
almost attract in and polarize out
everybody else that doesn’t want to be
there sorry that was a long little
lesson but i think it was well worth it
yeah that was i love your little stories
they are fantastic
cool what else you got less what else
you want
okay so tell me
if you were to be
back at your 19 year old self just
starting out in real estate
and you had the tools at your disposal
that you have now if you had the
knowledge now
back then what would you have done
differently it’s a great question
um and it’s really interesting because
i’ve got to live that through my younger
brother reactivating his real estate
and um you know knowing what his
business means to him so the very first
thing i start with everybody is young
19 year old nick or my younger brother
is what does this business really mean
to you and why are you doing it
well for him we started chatting and
these are very emotional goal setting
exercises that i really believe
are are are it i think tactics and
strategies are 10
15 i think 80 85 90
of you is you and we call it the
foundation of you so in
in um the triumph of life my company i
call it the four foundations your body
is number one
getting your body moving your mind the
things you felt with your heart your
spirit and your fire goals
and then your business is number four
but if you get the first three right the
fourth is the easiest so i said joshi
his name’s joshua i said what would your
real estate business mean to you
and he wanted to make 200 grand per year
i said that’s fantastic what would that
mean to you
well they had a goal and a dream to
start building a custom home on land
and he wanted kids quads and wanted to
have you know the pop-up
projector screens at the pool and he
said nick that’s what that would mean to
me we could afford to upgrade the home
and we could get
it there for mom and she could in-laws
quarter you know we could have
their kids could have horse and and he
lit on fire about it i said that’s
beautiful man
okay now how many deals would we need to
do that and he said i would need 20.
i said okay cool so let’s now i
understand why we’re doing this we’re
trying to get 20. okay cool
and then we started just working him
backwards and i said
okay cool now how are we going to stand
out in the marketplace
and we started coming up with things
that made him different and ways for him
to attract people into him and
really feel that that came through a
guide and came through some tools like
and i think when you kind of take a step
back and look at it from that standpoint
i think everything else changes for your
business and
that’s what drives him that’s what gets
him out of bed in the morning so in
essence we have to be on fire for our
goals but then we have to have really
cool marketing tools
because often times i call it the gap
and anybody in
right now i i have a free video on this
if you want it pm me or somehow get a
hold of me
but so let’s look at it this way let’s
say an agent
made 50 grand last year but their goal
was a hundred
what’s the gap 50 obviously right but
i’m really big on the realities of
why because i think success real estate
even prospect bus i don’t think one size
fits all i think we all
operate differently and i think when you
can find
what what makes
almost the code to an atm machine so let
me explain so many people see me or hear
my podcast they’re like dude you’re so
inspirational how do you talk about the
realities of so much
tony robbins said this you can’t go to
the rose garden and just sit there and
there’s no weeds it’s gonna grow like
things are going to happen but i think
when you understand
what has held you back we call it the
line in the sand is
what’s been holding you back why didn’t
you get out of bed to go to the gym
what’s happening in your marketing why
didn’t you bridge that gap of the 50
grand i think a mature achiever
and a mature business person can look at
this with the reading what tends to
happen is if we set the goal for 100
we too often shriek and go well 50 was
okay and someone’s only made 40 so i’m
but were you dead set on 100 yeah well
then let’s not shrink the goal
let’s reevaluate it’s an experiment and
let’s pick back we laughed off
what stopped you well i needed you know
eight more spellers okay what was that
well my social media is not hitting it
well then we have to do something
different because
doing the same thing over and over again
is is truly the definition of insanity
then we’ll rush to the next social media
post then we’ll go post on instagram
then share it to facebook then share it
to our business page and so if that’s
not working and you’re not getting
results from it let’s
analyze that figure out what that gap is
identify a plan to bridge the gap and i
everything celeste comes down to a map
if i’m going to go here from san diego
california to new york city
i have to have a clear map right now are
18 000 different ways for us to get
there yes we could take a plane
we could take a bunch of different
planes we could stop off we could take a
train we could drive
we could drive 18 different freeways and
end up and see all 50 states
there’s a million for me to get from san
diego to
freaking new york city right however
that’s still the end destination and
i think we all have different routes
right and so
i think getting clear on what that end
destination is and then for your
business making prospect boss fit that
for you
is critical right you know no matter
what the tool is
somebody’s crushing it with your tool
right find out what they’re doing
find out what they’re doing don’t model
them 100 because you’re still your voice
your market is a little bit different
your tools are a little
bit different add your flavor on it i
hear this all the time because now that
i like this online space right
well so-and-so says well so-and-so says
to do this and i think you can glean
advice from people but don’t take it as
gospel because
analogy we used last night i was talking
to uh some of my inner circle
and was using this example and and it’s
almost like you’re
walking across the frozen pond right
there are footsteps in front of you
but you have to understand that that’s
the path but he might have had a bigger
boot you might have had a smaller bow
and you could roll your ankle here or
it could have been a different time of
day and now the sun has melted it and
your market’s a little bit different and
it’s it’s like you can take
i think frameworks that work but then
make them fit to yourself and add your
own flavor your own brand your own flair
and your own swag on it
and i truly think people are allowed to
be themselves
when i first got into real estate i
emulated my mentor
and my mentor wore a white shirt and a
every single day and i realized that
that’s not
like it was cool but that’s not me and
like i literally give speeches in hats
i wear vans i’m a west coast kid i live
in san diego like
but that’s me so like when i see myself
back in a in a video or whatever
i’m myself and like from you and own
your story and own your mission
and then all you have to do is just have
more people hear it and like that’s why
with prospect boss you’re literally a
click of the button away the click you
know dial the phone away from
a thousand homeowners like if you if
your heart’s in the right place
you’re good at what you do and i would
say back to him back to your original
question is
you have to have the one success story
to hang your hat on
back to your analogy if people aren’t
willing to take the elevator i think is
i think we’re trying to microwave
success here’s what i had him do
the very first home he sold was his own
well now
when he sold a home above asking price i
this is so funny
he literally lists his property and he
goes okay so like what do i do oh cool
you’re gonna get high-end photos and a
high-end video and a high-end drone
he prices it out it’s you know 300 bucks
calls me back
no man i’m just gonna take it on my
iphone i’m gonna go live in an hour
the the bleep you are stop
it’s though it’s normal though so anyway
he tried to rush his listing out on his
i made him stop i go you’re not going
active till next thursday
because no i’m gonna listen to me so
we had my video crew go do a drone and
spend the money on it again this is the
he lists it he gets 10 grand over asking
price but what video is now online
this sick video of a drone flying over
his home okay
well guess who saw that the homeowner
four doors down
saw his home go up saw the video go up
walked and knocked on his door he goes
dude who sold your home he goes i did 10
grand over asking price
he got his neighbors listing why because
he spent 300
on a video what’s the 8 grand worth to
so often agents aren’t willing to go get
that one success story
go get that one badass story and
share it you go sell some homeowners
house for asking price and you
broke your back and you did this this
and this now
you go to the community with swag you’re
the go-to
and i really think that you can break
through i don’t believe in neighborhood
farming at all
other people do and that’s fine and i
agree with it i think
you can break through any marketing in
90 days i think you can become the go-to
because if you got that one sale you had
watch this
here’s how i so what’s a community just
give me a community i can bring this all
like what’s a like a neighborhood
just a neighborhood or a city just like
what’s a neighborhood like what’s a
local subdivision in your town
rivers bend the river
river’s been homeowner’s guide too
selling your home 10 grand over
asking price case study how i sold your
neighbor’s home on elm for ten thousand
dollars over an asking price
and the nine things you can do to spruce
up your home
that little realtor over there that sees
that is gonna go oh that sucks
i used to have people tear my signs down
we got i literally had a local real
estate agent hate my marketing so much
he would go pull my stuff down because
he’s like you’re taking business away
from me
homie i ain’t here to frickin be your
best friend and so if
if a realtor or him had that tool you
now have no there’s
it’s the trunk card hey here’s how i did
it and then when you’re calling on that
it’s just an eyeballs game then when
they meet you they’re like you did that
you’re like yes i did that
i want to do it for one percent well
that ain’t gonna happen you want that
result and so i think when you have
that awesome story of that first-time
homebuyer and you get a photo of them
we had this thing that goes for realty
where i invented this big giant
seven foot key that then like a hundred
knocked off so if you’re taking the
photos with the key freaking give me a
little cred i want a nickel
we started this and it was my brand so i
mean you’re talking a thousand home
buyers holding this key or popping
i dropped dressed up as santa and handed
keys to a homeowner
well that became our story right a
homeowner holding a sold sign a
homeowner with a bottle of champagne or
a bottle of whiskey
like a big basket make that your brand
and then just share that
like share that so when you when you
heard me tell the story about josh
making 12 grand in his first sale
do you know how much my eyes light up i
had a realtor go through my
my my four foundation program my
transforming trial a real estate agent
lost 22 pounds in my program lost 85
pounds in a year and made 450 grand it
was the biggest year ever
because when you get your body moving
you get your mind going your hearts and
then you’re ready to share
like i am the proudest dude on planet
earth of him
and i just share really cool stories
when you have a track record
there you’re not faking nothing there’s
not even no escalator you’re like dude
like here’s where i’m at and like i
think when you’re coming to circle
to dripping or whatever when you’re
coming with really cool stuff
you’re just kind of ha you’re like this
genuinely helps you i’m not a pest and i
hated like i had a guy pull a gun on me
when i was door knocking one day
like a gun on me phoenix arizona i used
to knock in a hundred degree heat right
i’ve i’ve made the hundred thousand
expired call so i have experience there
and so
i just felt dirty i didn’t feel like i
had enough to back me up
and so i honestly feel like now the
avengers right like
thor’s got a hammer but then like the
hulk’s behind him and like spider-man
and like iron man’s like blowing people
out of the water
what i would say to any realtor is get
the raddest tools on planet earth that
you know
genuinely help somebody have them on
your back and be like what do you need i
got some cool stuff right
if i called you and said right now
celeste celeste hey
i got a really cool bottle of wine i got
a really cool pizza i got ice cream i
got really cool things movie popcorn
passes the whole
bit do you want it what would you say
yeah like like nick do you like craft
beer i love it do you want to go to
brewery i do do you want a sampler i’m
in do you want tacos i do
right like yes and so if you called up a
homeowner and said hey do you want
really cool tips to spruce up your home
i do yeah do you want the kovid’s guide
to surviving this
for homeowners i do do you want 10 000
in free grant money i do
well if you don’t you’re just kind of a
jerk and you’re not going in my database
right like
i believe in quality versus quantity to
be completely honest with you i think a
we we’re taught to chase leeds leads
leads leads and how do i know this
i’ve hired hundreds i’ve coached
thousands okay
is you don’t want leads you want really
cool clients that respect
you because it’s quality of life back to
the very first question that i started
once you have your business by design
the rest is easy
i fired i i used to hate like you had to
beg and plead and like
this guy said this to me it’s a true
story it was at the tail end of my
i get his home on the market and he
literally said to me why don’t you get
your ass over there and clean my pool
excuse me who the do you think you are
i just staged your home for 2 500 bucks
i just paid for the high-end video shoot
i’m running facebook ads to your home
ain’t your freaking landscaper bro
but what do we think we have to do we
have to clean the house and no
i’m your marketing guy i am your expert
you’re not gonna do that to a doctor
and so my my goal is really try to
attract people in so they treat you that
and if they don’t they gotta go and and
i told them that i said hey listen and
just heads up
i’m gonna give you one pass on this i
need your freaking landscape or don’t
ever talk to me like that i’m your real
estate agent
this is why you hired me this is why
you’re paying me three percent oh by the
way i have you two for contracts now you
know that staging you told me was a dumb
idea that i put in
yeah i just popped your house off and
you got full price congratulations bro i
need a
testimonial and i think that you’re
allowed to create your own ideal
and i think you can have people respect
you and i think that comes through
authority branding and then you just
need honestly the gap for any real
estate agent or any entrepreneur
is just having more cool people see
their stuff if you have a giant heart
and have
genuinely really cool stuff that solves
it is truly just a number game which
leads me to the number one miss i
promise this the number one mistake
agents make
is we think we are real estate agents we
think we are glorified tour guides home
showers all the above and we are home
you are 75 at 50 in the marketing game
in the business of a real estate agent
you are the ceo
you are the client fulfillment
department that’s the sales i completely
respect that
but you also are the head of the
marketing department too
and as the ceo you have to have
conversations with both departments
if you’re not getting enough conversion
you have to step in as the ceo and say
hey we’re not converting enough here we
really need to get these deals off the
market and converted we need the cash
but if there’s not enough leads coming
in the ceos to come in and say hey
we’re lacking leads if you if you sit
down i’ve met the most beautiful
amazing hard-working realtors but no
matter how good you are at what you do
if you are the greatest home showing
seller lister on planet earth
without a client to do that skill and
guess what
i it’s not worth anything i have watched
so many amazing hard-working realtors
give up on their dream
and it wasn’t that they weren’t great at
real estate had a passion for it knew it
it was that they didn’t step into the
marketing role and i hear this all the
but nick i’m not a marketing person nick
i’m not good on camera
nick i’m not good at technology if
not good on video but you’re the face
who’s the one that shows up to the home
you you are the brand and so you’re
going to have to get out of your way
and i think that comes through having
tools around you that support you and
outsourcing a little bit if you if
you’re not good on video have somebody
help you on video i’m not good on video
i’m not good at editing videos
i don’t do my podcast i have my producer
pod it’s it’s 20 30 bucks to have it you
i i didn’t know how to build my first
click funnel so i hired that out
little things along the way can make you
good and so how do you do it just quick
uh moving forward is anybody that says
they’re not good at calling
they’re not good at emailing that’s fine
if that’s
this would be huge for the prospect boss
crew if that’s you and you’re like nick
i’m not good on video i’m not good on
the phones i don’t have the right
scripting i haven’t been good about my
guess what today let’s stop let’s draw a
line in the sand and say
that’s cool that’s got me here moving
forward i am now
going to be this you know for you to
become a millionaire if you’re not there
yet for you to become
fit you don’t know the habits yet
you’re not there yet because if you were
that top producer selling
if you are a different story but if you
were like like i’m not selling 25 homes
a year i’m not making 100 grand a year
that’s fine because if you knew the
formula to get there you’d already be
doing it
so what do we have to do we have to
emulate the habits routines and rituals
on a daily basis
of somebody that would it’s not like you
wake up one night and go
i’m 100 grand earner or i sell you know
i make it i gross a million a year
nobody was like gifted this one they’re
like and you out of real estate school
will be a top producer
no and like for me i quit real estate
and i hate this whereas
well i’m not x you didn’t come out of
the womb when they voted who was x
a lot of times those are learn skills
when i first started
on video and still i was even nervous to
hop on today
we always the first time i gave a speech
i literally dropped the microphone on
you know right like my first podcast all
the above
but if you do it every day consistently
so i teach a concept called the 30 day
if you started today instead for the
next 30 days
i’m gonna call five people a day from
prospect boss i’m gonna send
five videos per day over 30 days
you’ve sent a hund it blows out of the
water right back to eric’s story
when he lost the weight he wanted to
lose 100 pounds
often i call mountains where we’re
standing at the bottom
and it just seems so big so monumental
making a hundred grand or selling 30
that’s fine all it takes is a right then
a left and a couple million more steps
yeah and so for 30 days could you make
five phone calls a day yes so for eric
he wanted to lose 100 pounds
i said brother i get it and this was me
him one-on-one this was during covet i
said brother i get it that seems a long
way away
can you just for 30 minutes a day do
something active
and just not go to fast food anymore and
so for 30 days he didn’t drink alcohol
no fast food no bad food
and just worked out for 30 minutes a day
at day 30 had lost 22 pounds
and guess what who did it he did it he
has momentum
and he kept going on for six seven eight
more months now he’s down 85 pounds and
then his income blew up
same with prospect boss nick i’m not
good at technology
well could you find somebody who is for
100 bucks that could shrink that down
for you or could you learn it yes you
really could if you made
five phone calls per day what is one
more home seller worth to you
if you sent five more emails if you
added five more people
i think we we get caught up in this