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hi bill
it’s awesome to have you on thank you so
much for taking the time to talk to us
i’m going to ask you a few questions and
our goal here is to give other real
estate agents out there
a small glimpse into the day into a day
in the life of a real estate agent real
estate coach
and how to be successful in doing that
all right so tell us who you are the
name of your company a little bit about
what you do and why you love it okay
well my name is bill gross uh i am a
broker associate with exp
realty in southern california
i’ve been in real estate since 1986
um i love real estate it’s been it’s a
broad industry i’ve been able to change
adapt along the way um also
excited in that in my entire career i
don’t think there’s ever been a better
to create wealth as a salesperson than
right now so
uh doing great uh selling a lot of
houses building a team and really
excited to be in the business
awesome so it sounds like you’ve
you’ve had a lot of experience and a lot
of time to build
your empire so so to speak so
tell us um what
does a typical day of prospecting look
like for you
when you are trying to get business
trying to
build your base
so in my career you know good news or
bad news i’ve gone through several
iterations of it
and and so due to market changes and
company changes
uh and so i found myself about two years
ago having to really again
kind of rebuild from scratch or relaunch
my business
but the fundamentals of business and
real estate have always been about
generating business as the first
priority in
long-term success and great wealth is
only created by
generating business so my whole schedule
is focused around that time
and so for me today um i
i get early in the morning i get up at
five and i work out 5 45 to 6 45 i i
have a quick
shake and i’m at my desk by
eight o’clock from my work day and i
actually in my mind start making phone
by 8 30 in the morning and i spent three
hours a day looking for new business
that’s my focus
every single day is where can i find
today who has to sell their property
that i can represent
and so for me that could be attorneys
that can be
purse representatives i focus in on
probate real estate which is a
particular niche
sometimes it’s investors and wholesalers
sometimes it’s
other real estate agents i work with and
help them on their business
so but uh from first in the morning to
my focus is on calling people
and then looking for people who need to
sell property that’s my my daily number
one task
okay awesome um what is do you have a
favorite way
that you do that as far as like do you
text them do you call
them do you um send them emails
what is your preferred way of of
prospecting trying to find that business
well i think we all would like just
deals to show up in our inbox it doesn’t
quite work that way
so you know what what i train my team is
that there’s different levels of
intimacy in a relationship whether it be
dating for marriage
or sales and so there’s social media
interactions and there’s texting there’s
there’s a phone call then there’s
meeting people now today that last one’s
a little problematic with with uh
covet right zoom cows meeting or not and
and maybe we get away with a little bit
more because of that
but the goal is to drive the intimacy so
when people say well i texted you know
20 people that’s nice but i think you
need to text about 200 to equal a couple
of phone calls
and then the other thing i tell people
is that social media
is to drive some texting or messaging
the messaging is designed
to generate some emails some emails are
generated are designed to generate a
phone call with somebody
the phone call in the old days i say was
for the appointment again appointment
might be on the phone today
because we’re in weird times but the
purpose of all that is to talk to
somebody one on one
and and at some point get the new
forward to signing a contract with you
and so all that other stuff is nice and
important in a funnel
designed to get you to the contract at
the end of the day but
but that’s the purpose of it and we it’s
easy to get caught up in
how many texts or emails are sent out
but the goal the other day has to be
getting somebody to do business with you
right um
so in that kind of
in the spirit of of all of that
what would you say is
a piece of advice that you would give to
someone who is brand new
in the real estate world so the two
things i tell people who are brand new
is one um prepare for long
a long tail real estate is a long tail
in any business you invest time and or
for a return and that return is measured
over time so if i gave you say
i invested a hundred dollars and the end
of the year i got back 110 dollars
that’s a 10
return over a year but real estate leads
on average the average lead is going to
take about two years
from contact to close that doesn’t mean
you will get some
day one or week one or month one but
that you need to build your business
understanding that long tail and so you
have to be
set up for it financially you have to
set up for it in your business
you have your systems in place so many
realtors just throw out phone numbers
every day because
they figure the next business in 90 days
anyhow what difference does it make well
the answer is
you won’t last unless you start off with
planning for that long-term business and
understanding that
so i would just say that you have to
plan for a lot longer
than you expected number two i would say
it just it requires a lot more contacts
than you would think
we all think we get somebody says oh
yeah i’m ready to do business with you
that that’s is that we could take that
to the bank and deposit it and pay our
house payment
and feed our kids and families and the
answer is no you probably need
10 people saying they do business with
you for every one or two that will
actually sign a contract
that you’ll get paid on right so the
numbers are just big you got to track
your numbers and and
work with somebody in your niche i know
you guys are prospect boss work with
different industries
work with somebody who’s working your
funnel or
system or format or process so you know
what the numbers are
have an idea of what they should be
because it just
it surprises people and they realize how
many it takes
now if you’re like me i have to produce
when you tell me it takes more than i
think i just say well what i have to do
to contact that many i don’t have a
choice i have to do it
yeah but i would say you got to know
your numbers and just know it’s going to
take a lot more than you think it is
okay so what is something that you
wish you had known when you first
started out
i’m for sure the value of relationships
over time
i think i got in the business and i you
know changed companies like a lot of
people and then i changed geography as i
moved from
suburb of la to west los angeles and i
thought i’m starting a new business i
kind of lost
those names and numbers uh and then i
did the opposite when i went into
management i kept my database so that
when inevitably i got out of management
at least i’ve been emailing them and had
some some relationship with them
but i would say that um if you’re if
you’re in sales and particularly in real
estate sales
your job is to make relations with
people that you’re going to market you
the rest of your career
and approach it that way and organize it
that way and systematize it that way
because really the yes there are people
who i’ve done business with who i i met
literally i have a listing i i sold this
i met the guy 10 years ago wow i put in
my database i me and i emailed
everybody every week and i’ve been very
and the only thing i know of that kept
that relationship maybe he saw me on
facebook occasionally
uh and i didn’t call consistently it
wasn’t as good as i should have been
uh and he was unavailable for years he
was in the military but
ten years later when he went to list the
house he contacted me because i stay in
touch with him
that’s awesome that’s awesome so how do
you manage
um you know being an agent being a coach
running both
your household and your business at the
same time
why are in the house when my wife does
that i’m a cat man
um so you know the truth is i used to
have a coaching business
and i did that for a while i and i no
longer have a coaching
business i have a real estate business
and i coach agents on my team
i’m building a national real estate
company based on my probate business
and so i have uh underneath me now 23
agents and so i call it some of them
informally to coach them up and other
ones we have formal weekly
coaching calls that i do and i treat
like any other business those are key
relationships so they’re in the same crm
the same database
i schedule time with them regularly
um if i don’t hear from them i i’m
reaching out to them
uh because i want to see them active on
a you know at least a weekly basis
um so i think i would look at that as
those uh agents on my team are just
amongst my most important clients
awesome that’s fantastic
okay so we’ll wrap this up a little bit
any last piece of advice for our viewers
fellow agents well look i used prospect
off and on for years it’s a great
but the reason why i appreciate being
invited here today i do is because
it allows me to talk to a lot of people
and you know i need to talk to more
all the time and so um it’s not it’s
like any other tool it’s great for what
it does it’s not perfect
but it really allows me to load up any
given day
i might need to talk to or want to talk
to six to eighty people
i can load them up and dial through and
hit more of them
uh per minute than otherwise might and
the rest i also send a text or email to
but at least
it will help me maximize my my speed on
reaching as many people as possible so
i say real estate is a contact sport you
want to talk to as many people as you
can obviously you also have deep
relationships good relationships
but you would have a lot of those and so
um uh i’d say every day
you know my wife is always amazed the
end of the day my gosh you were just
talking all day long that’s my goal if i
could after a short break if i could
just talk
all day long to investors wholesalers
agents uh team members uh that’s my goal
is to be
uh personally involved with people on a
daily basis that’s what i do for a
that’s fantastic all right um
give us a way to get in touch with you
so uh um my email is bill
my name at the la probate
that’s t-h-e-l-a-p-ro p-r-o-b-a-t-e
e-x-p-e-r-t the l-a-pro
or in car text me at
perfect all right agents now that you
know how prospecting can help your
go take a look at and
then go check out bill gross and find
out how you can make more money in less
all right we’ll see ya


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