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hey rebecca
it’s awesome to have you on thank you so
much for taking the time to talk to us
today yeah
absolutely celeste thanks for having me
here yeah
i’m gonna ask you a few questions and
our goal here
is to give other agents out there like a
small glimpse into
a day in the life of a successful real
estate agent okay
so tell us who you are who you work for
a little bit
about what you do and why you love it
my name is rebecca reed i work for exp
realty they are a nationwide brokerage
and we’re actually
branching out into some other countries
right now like they just had in mexico
um i i am a real estate agent but i
think it’s so much more
than that like instead of just buying
and selling real estate i feel like i’m
i get to help people when they’re
starting new chapters in their life
so when people are buying and selling
real estate they’re either going through
a change in their life
either their family is growing so they
outgrew their house
their family has gone to college or has
moved out so they need to downsize
or sometimes even if investors you know
they’re looking to
make some more money so that they can
spend more time on their dreams or with
their family
so i feel like i’m kind of like um a
goal accomplisher
you know i help people kind of connect
themselves to their goals and their
i love it i love it you know helping the
next person it’s fantastic
yeah it’s about the relationships the
people the families
you know that are going to live in these
houses yeah
so how do you what is your process for
finding these people like do you do any
kind of prospecting
on a regular basis yeah so
you know before the pandemic when i was
a brand new agent i did a lot of open
you know just getting out there meeting
people learning about different
neighborhoods you know what buyers and
sellers were actually looking for
since the pandemic a lot of visit is
online now
so it’s a lot of social media it’s a lot
reaching out in groups it’s um you know
building relationships and connections
you know online
you know sometimes that’s harder because
it’s um
it’s all about being sincere you know
so do you make any calls or do you text
do you send emails as a way of you know
following up keeping in touch
staying top of mind yeah absolutely
so the main thing that you know you got
to do is make sure that you’re staying
in front of the people in your life in
those relationships
so i do calls i do messages
um one thing that i’m gonna be starting
in 2021 is
videos you know video updates about the
market you know what’s going on in your
um what are your values looking like
because in the market i’m in
it’s extremely hot sellers market as it
is across a lot of the united states
so sellers are always wanting to know
what their value is
you know if i sell it right now how much
money am i going to put in my pocket
and buyers are always looking for the
hottest new properties you know
get in there before everybody else sees
this property so i’m going to add some
videos and some different
newsletters you know and stuff like that
to send out
awesome so what does a typical day
of prospecting look like for you do you
do you time block
do you set aside certain times of the
day that you’re gonna you know do your
follow-up do your prospecting
yeah absolutely so i’m a firm believer
in time blocking
i mean you know with us being moms and
you know just kind of like like this
industry it’s a little fly by your seat
of your pants sometimes
so i do my best to kind of time block
and i think that’s important for agents
so they don’t hit that burnout
you know because sometimes you know
we’re flying so hard in these kind of
markets it’s easy to forget about
you know so time blocking making sure
you’re following up with your clients
making sure that you
are bringing value to them so a typical
for me is i do my calls um
i try to reach out if i haven’t heard
from somebody in a certain amount of
time you know i reach out let them know
what’s going on with the market
see kind of what their new goals are and
let’s be honest
this year was a wild year and a lot of
people changed their goals
so yeah yeah so i’m right there okay
what had
what has changed this year for you are
you still on the same track or do we
need to reevaluate what your goals are
and get you there faster or maybe take a
little bit more time so you’re
more comfortable
that’s an area that not a lot of people
think of as far
you know at least the people that i’ve
spoken to there hasn’t been a whole lot
let’s reevaluate what has changed for
i think that’s really great that’s
really important i think because
with the changes a lot has changed with
yeah and so you know they may not be
able to you know they may have had to
spend their savings
because they got laid off and so they
don’t have money
to purchase a home right now at you know
at that point in time
so right um you know reevaluating i
think is really important that’s
oh thank you yeah and you know so much
has changed people lost jobs
you know people that were ready to buy
before like lost their job
in the middle of a transaction sometimes
and so it’s getting the new job getting
what we need done
so that way we can go back out there and
shop and get you in into a place you
go ahead and achieve those goals yeah
um so we’ve talked a little bit about
you know how you cultivate the
relationships is there a way that you
um like do you personally prefer to send
a text message or do you like
emails better or do you like talking to
them on the phone better i know you
mentioned you’re going to incorporate
video calling or video updates
into it as well but is there one that
you like best
um so i’m a direct kind of
person-to-person type of
a person i guess myself you know i like
face-to-face contact a lot better but i
mean with this pandemic
i have been doing a lot more phone calls
and sometimes let’s be
honest you know text message is always
faster people have busy
schedules so i would say it’s probably
phone calls and text messages
um as far as updates like what’s going
on with the market that’s emails you
know people can read that when they have
time if they have questions then they
can reach out to me
because i don’t want to be one of those
salesy kind of spammy
you know people i want to be a person of
value i want to add value to their lives
you know
so that’s kind of how i like to do my
business is a combination of all of it
okay um i’m also like that where i don’t
like to be
pushy and salesy i could never be you
know an
actual sales person um just because
i’m one of those that i’m like oh no you
don’t need that
okay bye
exactly so i personally
one of my favorites is ringless messages
where especially for like for first or
second contact um you know where you can
just drop a voicemail and it doesn’t
ring their phone it doesn’t interrupt
whatever they’re doing
so i personally really like that just
because i’m a very
non-intrusive type of person yes exactly
exactly so that’s one of my favorites
and text messages obviously is
is along that same line where yes it’s
going to ding their phone when
when you send it but they have the
freedom to answer that back when
they get a free second not you know on a
phone call
which you know phone calls are the bread
and butter
of a lot of businesses and
and when you’ve got somebody who is
dedicated to
that specific type of prospecting it can
fantastic um just
you know me personally i like the
less invasive or intrusive types of
right absolutely and i think it kind of
depends on the client too
who you’re interacting with you know and
let that kind of set the tone of the
yes because a lot of people some people
get really upset
about phone calls and other people only
want to deal in phone calls
right right they want to speak to
someone they want to hear the voice
and hear the cadence and build that
you know either on a phone call or a
video call or you know
even a face-to-face meeting if it’s
possible so
yeah definitely there’s there’s a lot of
different personalities and they like
different kinds of
communication and that’s why i think
it’s so important to be
to have that combination of all of them
yeah exactly so tell me
what advice would you give to someone
who is brand new
in the real estate world um
find a good group of people that are
agents to help you to answer
questions for you point you in the right
a good support system is very very
i was extremely lucky as soon as i got
out of real estate school and got a
license i
found a good support system at my
brokerage and also in the industry
you know just friends i went to school
with that you can balance ideas off
whether it be contract questions or
marketing ideas prospecting
hey how are you getting your leads you
know what are you doing
so find it’s highly important to
who you surround yourself with when
you’re in this industry
okay so speaking of having a good
support system and friends around you
how do you handle it when
this is a topic that i see over and over
and over how do you handle it when
a friend uses a different agent to buy
or sell their home
you know i gotta happen to me
you know i i gotta be honest with you
the bread and butter of my business is
my family and my friends
but i have had you know a few friends
you somebody else and i’m
i’m cool with that you know because you
don’t want to ruin relationships over
at the end of the day the people are who
matters so yeah i feel like
hey you know like why didn’t you use me
i would have taken really really good
care of you
but everything happens for a reason and
i would much rather
value the relationship than the business
but it does seem a little bit i’m not
gonna lie
you know and you want to be like what
the heck you know but
it’s like well just keep me you know
stay cool with them keep me in mind for
your next transaction
so i know that one point i see um
on that topic a lot is
um you know sometimes there are
financial things
that our friends or you know especially
our family
don’t want you as you know as a realtor
know or to see or they think they’re
going to be judged
or you know they’re just really
self-conscious about something
in their finances and i think that that
you know one of the reasons why friends
and family
at some point just don’t you know don’t
a realtor that they’re close to
right i i totally get that and i
understand that
the thing with me is even if like you’re
like i’ve sold a house to my mom and my
sister and my cousins and stuff like
and i maintain a level of
professionalism and try to keep the
personal from the professional
aside and i take care of everybody like
their family whether they might
they’re my family or not you know so i
want to be
a safe comfortable place for people
to be able to share that and so i always
my family my clients like whatever i
know is going to stay with me
you don’t have to worry about me you
knowing the sensitive information
because it stops here
you know i’m your professional right now
not your family member
but i’m going to love you and take care
of you like you’re still my family so
that’s kind of how i deal with that one
you know that’s how i try to handle it
make them feel comfortable about it
yeah yeah um
so is there anything that you wish you
would have known
going into it into real estate that you
know now
yeah um i think
like for me when i got into real estate
i was like oh it’s gonna be
awesome i’m gonna be able to manage my
own schedule and stuff like that
and i don’t think people realize
actually how much work
you know we put in there’s so much stuff
behind the scenes that we have to look
out for and negotiate and watch our
clients back on
i wish i would have known about how much
time and energy you put into it it’s not
but it’s like the same goes if it was
easy everybody would do it
you know and everybody would be
successful at it i think
you know what separates successful
agents away from non-successful
is the hours put into blood the sweat
the tears
you know that they put in for their
clients because for those agents you
know like i’ve mentioned it’s about the
people about the dollar signs
you know right so how do you
manage with all those you know those
hours and the energy put into it how do
you manage to balance your work life in
in your personal life so to be honest
sometimes it’s a struggle
it’s a very real struggle i’m a mom to
two kids i have my real estate business
i own a farm
i was a mentor you know i gave that up a
couple months ago
to kind of you know add some pressure i
mean to add some relief
and that’s one of the things you got to
know your limits you know i’m one of
those things i want to be a part of
i want to do everything i want to help
everybody you know and sometimes you
know you got to know your limits
i think time blocking is a very big
thing you know knowing when
my family has to do what at what time
having a good support system
like everybody in my family knows like
hey mom is busy working you know she’s
doing this she’s doing that we gotta
step up our game
so my kids have chores they gotta do
every day
i have a good support system and it kind
of helps me manage the chaos sometimes
awesome yeah sometimes that support
is a you know a lifesaver yeah
being able to to you know okay i need
to go get him from school today kind of
um just you know having those people
that’ll step in and help out where it’s
i think is is huge yeah and if nothing
else like even friends to
have an ear to vent to you you know and
if they ask us so much
you know it’s the little things you know
but they really do help
yes i need a good friend that will just
bring me a bottle of wine like once a
week and be like you know what just vent
just just tell me about it yeah exactly
exactly call it therapy session
with the girls yeah exactly
all right rebecca so any last piece of
advice for our fellow agents
yeah um i would say if i could give you
the greatest piece of advice it would be
to invest in your business this is your
business at the end of the day no matter
what brokerage you’re currently working
invest in yourself get out there meet
and get yourself in a class you know
like until you get on your feet and get
make sure you’re learning as much as you
possibly can
okay okay awesome so give us a wave
to get in touch with you rebecca um you
can reach me on my cell
it’s 623-217-8569
or shoot me an email asd homes by becca and you can find me on social
media i’m always all over that
all right um agents now that you know
how prospecting can help your business
go take a look at prospect boss
and then check out rebecca rehead all
right thanks for having me have a great
you too bye

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