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hi glenn

it’s awesome to have you on thank you so

much for taking the time to talk to us


i’m gonna ask you just a few questions

and our goal here is to give

agents out there a small glimpse into

the day

to a day in the life of a successful

senior insurance agent and how to

how to prospect for that for that market

so tell us who you are the name of your


a little bit about um what you do and

why you love it

yes awesome hey i really appreciate you

having me on today celeste so

my name is glenn shelton i am the

founder and president of

a company called lead heroes and our

full-time focus

is on lead generation and marketing for

senior insurance agents specifically

life and health so final expense in


um i love what i do because i get to

really help solve one of the key

problems for an insurance

agent and being that i sold insurance

for many years myself personally

you know i understand how difficult this

problem is and how necessary a solution


to keep an agent successful to keep the

cash flow coming in right to make sure

that they’re continuing to make sales

and i think lead generation is one of

those core competencies that you have to


you know whether you’re outsourcing it

to someone like us at lead heroes or

you’re doing it yourself

as an agent it’s just an absolute must

so i i love that i can help other agents

and kind of solve this problem

absolutely that’s awesome i love that

that you know we kind of have a mutual

goal is to help other agents be the best

that they can

absolutely um so

do you as a

prospecting type coach is that a good


there’s coaching involved for sure

do you do any prospecting on a regular


um so you know my team is is really the

ones that will do the prospecting now so

you know

similar to what you guys are doing at

prospect boss and

i actually um before you guys were

prospects boss when you guys were still

sales dialers

i used to personally use your uh

your software to make phone calls as an

agent so i’m very familiar with what you

guys do i think it’s a really great

service that you guys offer

um and so you know again our our

prospecting that we’re doing at lead

heroes you know i have a call

center of almost 80 full-time

callers making phone calls to seniors to

find out who would be interested in

speaking with an agent so

you know we’re making more than probably

a million phone calls per month

easily okay so on as far as yeah as far

as prospecting goes you know i am very

familiar with

um kind of that the call center lead

generation approach and and making those

calls and how important it is

to make those phone calls whether you’re

doing it yourself

or you’re you know outsourcing it to

someone else right

um do you have a favorite

method um of of getting those

those are doing that prospecting

do you have like one particular method

that you prefer or a combination of


i think you froze up on me you were

breaking up there for a second but um as

far as different prospecting methods

i think that was kind of the core of

your question there yeah um you know


we’ve tried a little bit of everything

at lead heroes we’ve tried

we tried doing um facebook leads we’ve

tried doing direct mail

um and you know our core competency has

really been the call center approach

so you know we’re aggregating data from

many different sources

you know opt-in data you know aged

internet data raw consumer data that’s

scrubbed for tcpa compliance

and maximizing the number of people that

we’re able to contact

and then we’re making phone calls to

those people asking them you know hey

would you like to see if you could save

money on your existing medicare plan

that you have

or hey you know would you like to find

out more about burial benefits for

seniors where you might

qualify for coverage that could help one

hundred percent of your final expense in

the event that you have in

an early past thing so um with

everything that we’ve

kind of tried and experimented with over

the years

i’m still it’s i’m biased obviously but

i’m still a huge fan of of the call

center approach

because you know you’re getting them on

the phone you’re actually talking to


and you’re able and and by doing that i

think you can vet

interest more

with an internet lead or with a direct

mail lead

if you you don’t even know if that phone

number that’s listed with that lead is

accurate right so if you’re if you’re

you know in in today’s world i think

telesales is

is more common than ever or more popular

than ever

i think having a working phone number is

is crucial

and so when um and again from experience

when we had facebook

and we were utilizing those facebook

leads i was shocked at how low our

our contact rate was you know we it

would be

and i know it varies a lot depending on

the area and the ad

and all those other variables but our

personal experience is

100 facebook leads and you’re probably

only going to get 30 of them to pick up

the phone

right so that you know if you don’t have

someone who can answer the phone

um it just slows down the whole process

in my opinion

okay so

in your in your line of work right now

is there any kind of follow-up


as far as you know do you put them on an

estimate strip

sms drip campaign or an email drip


afterwards um you know just to kind of

stay in touch do y’all do anything like


so yeah that’s a great question so we we

really don’t

do the follow-up um we have the ability


and for some of our clients we do we’ll


hourly campaigns where you can actually

hire a caller

at an hourly rate and then if you wanted

to set something up

where this caller from our call center

is making those follow-up phone calls

on your behalf we can do that but

typically what we do is we’re really

just focused on that first interaction

where we’re generating interest that

lead generation

conversation and then we’re really

handing it off but i’m i am really glad

you brought up follow-up because that’s

crucial i i really couldn’t say enough

about follow-up

yeah the agents i again i’ve been in the

industry for almost 10 years

i know this from my own personal sales

working with agents agencies

the agents and agencies who are most

successful with any lead

whether it’s you know leads they’re

generating or leads they’re buying from

someone else

it really comes down to follow-up i i

think a good follow-up system

whether that’s phone calls you know sms

like you were

saying or email you know you should be

able to net

almost two to three times as many sales

if you have a consistent follow-up

routine so

it’s absolutely critical that the

follow-up happens whether

again you’re doing it as an agent or

you’re outsourcing it to someone else

okay awesome um

what advice would you give to

anyone to someone who’s brand new in the

life and health and medicare you know

the same the senior insurance

world yeah um you know

if you’re brand new i i would say focus


on one thing um you know don’t don’t get


and into kind of the sea of opportunity

uh that i see so many agents

do and again something that kind of as

an agent myself previously i fell into

this trap so

you know you get your license you get

your life health license and then

there’s this

just tons of opportunity as far as

different policies you can sell you can


you know annuities you can sell you know

term whole life and then on the health

side you know you’ve got

short-term care cancer insurance dental

vision hearing

you know medicare supplement medicare

advantage um

and and really quickly you can become

overwhelmed trying to learn all these

policies learn all the different


that offer all these different policies

so you know if you’re brand new i’d say

focus on just

one thing and maybe for a year maybe

even a couple years

you know just be a master of one thing

whether that’s medicare supplement or

medicare advantage

or final expense you know just master

that one thing before you add on i’m not

saying you can’t

sell other policy types many agents do

but i would say become a master of one

before you move on

to other other things that’s good advice

it sounds

um i mean just listening to all of that

sounds overwhelming

alone learning everything that goes

along with them

is there something that you wish you had


when you first started that you know now

yeah i mean it it might seem kind of

um it’s the word simple

uh but i think one of the the best

best advice i think i could give any

anyone who might be listening or

watching this and

especially if you’re new it really comes

down to your activity level

um and again this is right in line with


um you can’t control the sales you can’t

control the leads

you really can’t control how much money

you’re gonna make but the one thing as

an agent that’s a hundred percent

in your control that will affect all of

those things that i just mentioned

is your activity level and again i can

tell you from experience

being in the industry is that some of

the worst sales people

have such a great work ethic and they

have their activity levels so high that

they make a crazy amount of money

and then you turn around you look at

some of the really you know top

talent sales people who just aren’t

putting in that same activity level

and they’re not making nearly the sort

of money

so uh it’s really interesting to see

this level playing field you know

everyone has the same license

everyone can have the same sort of sales


um and and the one thing that i think

ultimately sets apart all of these


is their activity level so if you’re

doing only 10 appointments a week

you know you’re probably not going to

sell as much as an agent who’s doing

30 appointments a week or you know if

you’re trying to

make phone calls to 50 leads a week and

there’s another agent who’s doing 150

leads a week

they’re going to have more people

they’re talking to they’re going to

you know quote more people they’re going

to have more people to follow up to

speak with and it’s all going to

ultimately lead to more sales so

you know if you’re if you’re really

trying to figure this industry out and

you’re trying to really be successful

um to to really boil it down and

simplify it you know

maximize your activity level work six


a week you know call 150 leads a week


400 500 cold calls a day um

and and ultimately there will be a

momentum to that

that will carry you and and the cash

flow will follow

yeah one of the big things that we

um you know that we push here

at prospect boss is sales is a numbers


so if you have a list of

10 000 people call 500 500 of them

a day if you if you can if it’s you know

that’s feasible for you

but the more people you talk to

the more people the more opportunities

you have to sell

and so you know if you draw that out

over a period of a month those 500


you’re not gonna talk to as many people

in a shorter amount of time

and you’re not going to be able to sell

those many people

in a shorter amount of time it’s going

to be okay yeah you’ve got 500 sales but

it’s over the course of

you know four years instead of over the

course of one year

yep so um the more people you talk to

in a shorter amount of time the more

money you’re gonna make quicker


but sometimes that’s not you know

something like that isn’t feasible for

everyone especially if they’re not

keeping the that activity level

high like you were talking about right


so on that note of activity level

how do you manage to balance being a

husband and a father

and run a successful business how do you

manage that work life balance

it’s tough and it’s tough in the age of

kovid where we’re all working from home

right most of the time and um

you know i i think the kind of the key

for me and i’ve got three little ones

all under the age of eight

so it can definitely be a full-time job

just uh being with them

but um i i think something that’s really

helped me

over the past few years is you know when


am in the office and when i am working

and when i’m with my team or if i’m with

a client

i try to really be a hundred percent

focused and

and in what i’m doing so you know i i

think a lot of us fall prey to the


you know our work can go anywhere right


it’s really easy to to be with your

family or be with your kids or be with

your spouse and

and and work and then it’s easy to be


but also distracted by your family so i

try to really have

clear boundaries like i’m spending this


you know i know that i have a lot i need

to get done the next eight ten hours

like i have to work

but then after that i can have all this

time and not think about work and

that’s really what’s helped me a lot is

just kind of compartmentalizing my

schedule and knowing that i need to


for the next x amount of time on on this

and then i can be free

okay so in your

in that 8 10 hour span

your i mean your time blocking basically

your your

home time and your work time but do you


do you know time blocking type for your

work time

specifically so you know from this time

to this time i’m only

doing this task oh yeah no absolutely

yeah so it’ll it’ll get more micro for


um you know for example one of the big

projects we’ve been working on at lead

heroes is

we’ve had a website redesign and so

you know that’s something that’s

absorbed a ton of my time just yesterday

i spent probably four hours almost

consecutively just going through the


page by page you know do we wanted to

say this do we want it to look like this

so yeah um you know i’ve found there’s a

lot of really successful entrepreneurs

that do that i want to say elon musk is

actually someone who

um you know i could totally be wrong but

i believe i read that he when he time


he sets a a certain amount of time for

the activity that he’s going to do

and then once that time’s up you know he

forces himself to move on even if it’s

you know exciting or even if he’s close

to being done

just basically adhering to that schedule

that calendar and knowing that you have

to move on once that time’s up so

yeah you know not not so that i’m trying

to copy elon musk but

i think that’s just a easy way or a

simple way of

keeping the lines clean when you’re when

you’re trying to work

and that’s difficult to do especially

because you can be you can say i’ve only


10 more minutes until this is actually

finished right

well that how you know how does that 10

minutes affect the next time block

and then that’s going to run into the

next time block and the next time block

and so

it’s just a domino effect and it just

wrecks your whole day

even when you when you think i can i can

get it done really quick

but then your whole day is off schedule


and it gets really really really muddled

really quickly

yep all right we’re gonna wrap this up

do you have any last piece of advice for

our viewers

yeah i think you know um over the years

i’ve heard people say

you know the phone’s dead or cold

calling’s dead

um and and what i found in my opinion is


the agents who are most comfortable on

the phone

they seem to be doing the best

especially again with everything that’s

going on

and more people working from home than

ever um

i i don’t see this this world

where we are doing our transactions

solely through the internet where


there’s no human interface you know i i

think there’s a variable to how

that the future will look you know and

i’m not one to try to define it but

i think just being able to talk to

someone whether it’s

you know face-to-face like you and i are

doing um or

talking to them on the phone i think

it’s an extremely valuable skill

in utilizing dialer software you know

one thing you mentioned you know kind of

flipping that paradigm of

you know prospect spending all your time

prospecting versus spending your time

actually talking to someone we have a

an article on our website where it shows

you know graph when you use a dialer


you can spend 80 percent of your time

talking versus 80

of your time prospecting right and i

love the efficiency of that so

you know making sure that you hone in

your skills

of of being able to make phone calls and

then utilizing technology

to help you in your follow-up in making

phone calls in staying organized

you know i i can’t speak enough the

value again at lead heroes we’re making

over a million calls a month and that


from utilizing technology and and

learning how to be successful

using the phone so um yeah that’s kind

of my final thoughts

all right awesome give us a way to get

in touch with you glenn

yeah so if anyone wants to chat or if

you’re looking for help with prospecting

or you want to hire

someone to make phone calls for you on


from our call center check us out at

lead heroes dot com

l-e-a-d-h-e-r-o-e-s dot com

and then if you want to schedule an

appointment to chat with me you can go

to the contact us

tab on lead heroes and then just pick a

time slot and then

um we can chat at a future date awesome

all right agents now that you know how

prospecting can help your business

go take a look at and

then go check out

glenn shelton lead heroes dot com

awesome hey thanks for having me celeste

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