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Today we will be looking into the comparing the pricing and features of Prospect Boss CRM dialer to RedX Storm dialer. Both products offer many CRM features for managing your customer database as well as using calls, emails, and text messaging too contact and follow-up with your customers, let’s see how they compare shall we.

Features Prospect Boss CRM RedX Storm Dialer
Built-in CRM YES YES
Calendar YES YES
Individual Click-to-Call Dialing YES YES
Power Dialing Technology YES; 1,3, & 4 Line Options YES; Up to 3 Lines for $50 Fee
Call Transfering YES NO
Video Calling YES NO
Dial List Prioritization YES YES
Follow-Up Tasks YES YES
Google Calendar Integration YES YES
Third Party CRM Integration YES NO
Dial Speed Configuration YES YES
Automated Voicemail Drops YES YES
Call Recording YES YES
Custom Data Fields YES NO
Time Zone Protection YES NO
Reporting & Analytics YES YES
Reminder Alerts YES YES
Contact Hot Lists/Scoring YES NO
Contact Groups/Folders YES NO
On-Screen Scripting YES YES
Dynamic Scripting YES NO
Emailing YES YES
Video Emailing YES NO
Web-based Software YES YES
Inbound Call Handling and Voicemail YES NO
Set you own Caller ID YES YES
Local Presence Caller ID YES NO
Ringless Voicemail Drop to Cellphones YES NO
Live Call Monitoring of Agents YES NO
Built-in Softphone YES NO
Social Media Integration YES NO
SMS Texting YES NO
MMS Texting YES NO
Long-term Nurturing (SMS, Email, and Voicemail Drips) YES NO
Set-Up Fees NO $150 Set-Up Fee
Pricing $129/mo 4-line Dialer $99/Mo + $50/Mo for 3 Line Dialing

As you can see both products have very robust CRM platforms including multi-line dialing, automated voicemail drops, and customizable caller IDs. But the RedX Storm Dialer platform lacks a lot of the calling features that Prospect Boss comes with, including call transferring as well as, video calls, SMS texting, setting up an automated local caller ids using local presence, and a built-in easy to use soft-phone. RedX also lacks any social media integration to integrate your Facebook leads, or any other integration with 3rd party lead vendors. Lastly Prospect Boss allows managers to monitor their agents calls live, as well as setting up long term nurturing

Another major issue is the pricing, as you can see RedX’s price is $99 a month. While that looks cheaper than our $129 full featured 4-line dialer, the $99 for the Storm Dialer is just for a single line dialer. To use up to a 3-line dialer with RedX you need to pay an addition $50 a month, also RedX charges you a set-up fee of $150 dollars. Their is also a hidden cost; telephones, RedX does not have a built in soft-phone like Prospect Boss so you must use your own cellphone, landline, or computer based phone software to make calls from the RedX Storm Dialer platform. So the comparison is like night and day, the Prospect Boss platform is more fully-featured and cheaper than RedX’s Storm Dialer.

Prospect Boss

Prospect Boss offers a wide arrange of sales tools to all sales professionals, including those from the real estate, insurance, and auto industries. They provide dialer CRMs, data resources, and other dialer tools.

Dialer CRM:

The Dialer CRM is Prospect Boss‘s multi line dialer. Customer’s have the option to choose from 1, 3 or 4 line dialers. Some of the most popular features of the dialer include call recording, email marketing, inbound calls and SMS texting. The pricing for dialers range from $79 per month to $129 per month, with no contracts.

To view more features about the dialer CRM, click here.

Data Resources:

Prospect Boss offers a wide range of data products including, consumer, business, mobile and Canadian. An added feature to the consumer data allows customer to also scrub search and their own leads against the DNC. Pricing for the data products range from $79 per month to $179 per month, with no contracts.

To view more features about the data products, click here.

Prospect Boss also offers a more real estate focused data product called

Agent Circle Prospecting. This allows real estate agents to search data based on mile radius. Agents can easily promote their Just Listed, Just Sold and Open Houses with more data. Pricing is simple at just $38 per month, with no contract.

To view more features about AgentCircleProspecting, click here.

Other Dialer Products:

Ringless Messages is a voicemail drop system that allows customer to promote simple messages with bothering recipients. It is offer by both monthly and pay-as-you go for more customized usage so anyone can use it when needed.

To learn more about Ringless Messages, click here.

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