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User Security

User Security

How Keeps Your Contacts, Leads and Other Information Safe and Secure Inside Our PowerDialerCRM


Occasionally, we do get asked by prospects what security features we have in place to protect our customers’ leads and customers information.  And let’s face it… you work hard for a living.  You do so to provide for yourself and/or your family.  Also, you have unique skills and proprietary information that help build upon your success.  And you can’t trust that information to just anybody.  This is why we’ve developed numerous security measures to keep your information safe inside our PowerDialer CRM.

We have a team of developers working nonstop to add new features to our PowerDialer CRM, service our customers and keep our software and our customers information secure.  Here are some of the features we have to protect your account from unauthorized access:
·      Captcha.
·       Data encryption.
·       Data protection.
·       Firewalls.
·       Secure protocol between servers.
·       3-layer SSL.
·       Idle session management.
·       Brute force attack resistance.
Perhaps you have an ISA or VA making your prospecting calls for you with access to your account, but you want to limit access to your leads and what they can do with those leads.  We’ve given the Manager Account the ability to disable the ability for a user to perform certain functions within the PowerDialer CRM including:
·       creating campaigns.
·       editing campaigns
·       deleting campaigns
·       exporting contacts.
·       printing contacts.
·       exporting leads.
·       printing leads.
·       deleting contacts.
·       editing contacts.
An additional security precaution you can take is to limit who you give your user names and passwords.  Only give them your agent dialer account login credentials (not the Manager Account).  However, we can always change login credentials for you.  And you can also give each user their own user name and password with a  unique user ID to the same agent dialer account further limiting what leads they can access.
In our experience with over ten years in business, we’ve never seen it be a problem of someone trying to steal leads or a book of business. Most people are just trying to make a living and aren’t concerned with taking the effort to steal your leads and find a way to sell them or work the business to obtain sales themselves.
That being said if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our security and account access we’d love to hear them.  Thanks for the opportunity to earn and/or keep your business!

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