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1. Call them first. Early. However, hang on… Don’t try to schedule a listing appointment unless they’re absolutely ready (which is not that often). Remember, most expireds will not be too happy. About the market, about their previous agent, about the whole selling thing. They need a bit time. A little breather.

So simply ask to stop by, introduce yourself, and drop off your resume. Less resistance this way, trust me. Nice and easy.

2. Skip the call if they’re on DNC. It’s not worth the hassle. You won’t feel good about the call. And they won’t either. So just don’t call.

3. Put together a simple expired package. Nothing fancy or elaborate:

* Your resume

* Client testimonials

* List of sold homes (yours and/or your office)

* Marketing samples, like your web site, fliers, postcards.

* Cover letter (you can download a free expired listings letter from my website)

4. Stop by the house. Introduce yourself. Ask a lot of questions (that’s a biggie!). Find out WHY they want to sell. Do not get caught into “Why your house didn’t sell” discussion. Do NOT talk about the price (yet). Or the other agent. Focus on the future.

5. Tour the house while you chat with the sellers.

6. If the motivation is high, the reason to move is solid, and you feel good about the house (and the sellers), THEN and ONLY then schedule a listing appointment.

7. Follow up immediately with a thank you card if they are not ready to re-list. Put them into your system and start a follow up campaign.

8. Start a direct mail campaign with expireds you could not reach. Send out your package and a sequence of mail. How long should you be mailing them? As long as it takes to get the listing. Why not it is inexpensive – and it works. I had folks call me months, even a year after their listing had expired. Keep at it.

9. Vary the mail pieces. Different strokes for different folks, remember? Mix postcards, letters, market updates, just sold, just listed, fliers, articles… Anything that is interesting and relevant TO THE SELLER. Go easy on self-promotion (that will come later).

10. Follow up. This is the biggest secret I can give you about expireds. Follow up. MOST of your business will NOT come from the initial contact, but from your follow up. Therefore, keep the mail flowing. Send them a piece at least twice a month. Call them back. Stop by the house every now and then.

Bonus – Have fun! OK, this is really biggest secret. Enjoy what you do. Because without it is just a job. In addition, your clients will notice it.

See, if you have a good vibe, if you like what you do, it is obvious. You feel good. Your clients feel good, too. In addition, people will want to do business with you. It also makes the whole thing a lot easier. And fun.

By Anthony Frisone

Retrieved 29 November 2012 from

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