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Happy 2013, it should be an exciting year, the economy should be turning around… now is the time to leverage all the best tips you can.

We appreciate all the support and dedication we have received from you all in 2012. We’re excited to share that we have been awarded a top sales and marketing resource for 2012. We also just broke 3000 likes on FB, please “like” and subscribe to our daily tips if you have not done so already and please feel free to share EyesOnSales with the rest of your sales and marketing team’s members.

We have great plans for 2013 and want you along for the ride!

Here are the Top 10 articles from last quarter. Enjoy! A special congrats goes out to Colleen Francis for the success on her 5 part series. Congratulations Colleen!

#10. Five Great Ways to Send Your Sales Skyrocketing – Part 3
by Colleen Francis

#9. Five Great Ways to Send Your Sales Skyrocketing – Part 1
by Colleen Francis

#8. Two Words Sales People Need to Use More Often
by Kelley Robertson

#7. How To See Your Creative Ideas
by Kevin Eikenberry

#6. INFOGRAPHIC: Top 10 Holiday Email Marketing Tips for 2012
by Wendy Griffin

#5. Hello, My Name is Jonathan, and I am a Salesman
by Jonathan Farrington

#4. Closing the Sale – A Realistic Perspective
by Dave Kahle

#3. Five Great Ways to Send Your Sales Skyrocketing – Part 5
by Colleen Francis

#2. 7 Paradoxical Sales Principles
by Jill Konrath

#1. Five Great Ways to Send Your Sales Skyrocketing – Part 4
by Colleen Francis

Don’t see your favorite article here? Leave a comment below with the URL and share them with others. You can use the SEARCH box above to help you find them. To a profitable 2013. Thanks from everyone at EyesOnSales and CamapignerCRM.

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