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This upcoming webinar will be a game-changer for you, and the best part is you can attend Free! To learn more and reserve your space, go to:

This webinar actually marks the beginning of our alliance with one of the leading sales and marketing firms in the industry!  We’re so excited about this partnership because it will give you access to proven sales and marketing strategies at your fingertips week after week.

Beginning on Thursday, August 11, we’ll be hosting several webinars each month featuring sales and marketing experts, Nelson Griswold and Scott Cantrell of Bottom Line Solutions.  These guys ‘get it’ when it comes to bringing in new leads and converting them into lifelong clients!

Every webinar will deliver the most practical, actionable, and powerful methods to bring in new prospects and turn those prospects into lifelong clients.  They won’t be filled with theory; they’ll be filled with answers and solutions to your most pressing challenges.

And, the first webinar is just around the corner!  On Thursday, August 11, Nelson and Scott will present, “Two Tactics that Will Bring in New Commissions in 7 Days!”

Reserve your spot now at:

They’ll only be giving you TWO techniques, but these methods are game-changers for the top producers who are already using them, and you’ll walk-away with the details on how to immediately implement them in your business right now.

Here’s just some of the takeaways:

  • The seven success factors that will turn your agency into a Commission Machine
  • The secret of objection-free and rejection-free selling
  • The one thing to ALWAYS include in your marketing message
  • The ONE sales tool that can transform you into a top producer FAST
  • The trick to attracting clients so you never chase after prospects again

Here’s the secure registration page link:

See you there!

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