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When looking for the right software for your business, it’s good to do your homework.  Compare companies so that you can make informed decisions based on what your company needs and wants.  Here at Prospect Boss, we think the best decisions come from the best information, so we are doing some comparisons for you.  Today’s comparison is with XenCall. 


XenCall is a call center-centric software that is based around a predictive dialer.  A predictive dialer is when you have several agents calling from the same list and the platform determines who the next available agent will be.  It will then assign the next call to that agent.  The downside of that is by the time that agent has picked up that call, the person it has dialed has already answered (usually several times at that point) and will likely hang up before the agent can speak with them.  Keeping in the theme of a call center system, XenCall does have local area code capabilities as well as call monitoring for supervisors so they can listen, or take over a call. 


Prospect Boss is a different kind of calling system.  It is agent-centric software based around a power dialer with a built-in CRM. A power dialer will dial 1-4 numbers at once with a single agent on the calls.  It filters through the no answers and voicemails and only connects calls where someone is picking up the call. The agent is on the line before the prospect even says Hello which eliminates the time gap problem with a predictive dialer.  Prospect Boss also offers the local area code calling, also known as local presence, as well as the supervisory recording, monitoring, listening, and taking over calls.  There is also Facebook lead integration so that any leads you have through FB can be pushed into the Prospect Boss platform, as well as the Hot List.  The Hot List is your lead tracker  which ranks your leads by how active they are on all of your prospecting.  Which brings us to the next big thing.  All of your different types of contacting can be done directly through the platform. You can call, text, video message, email and even drop ringless voicemails all through the system. This means no more bouncing around from this site to that site and back again to do all the different things you need to do to reach out to your prospects.  They are all in one central location.  The other thing that makes Prospect Boss different from XenCall is data options.  Prospect Boss offers access to many different data sources including Agent Circle Prospecting, FSBOs & Expireds, General Sales Data List (consumer data and business data), and Mobile Data.  Also offered is scrubbing against the Do Not Call list so that you stay in compliance with Federal laws. Using Prospect Boss you can have a more personal and engaging call experience with your appointments and leads by engaging them with a video call. During a live call you can send the customer a quick-link to join a video call right to their cell phone or email. They simply click the link on their text or email to join the video call and using your computer or tablet’s camera you can talk face-to-face. Being able to know what to say and when can be the difference between a sale and a fail. With Prospect Boss you have the ability to see on-screen scripts during your live calls. You can create two different kinds of scripts as well, static scripts for a full script right on your call screen, or dynamic scripts that allows you to create a series of questions and responses to those questions, so you can set up quick and easy rebuttals to some of the customer’s most basic responses or objections.  


I hope that this comparison has been useful and informative but if you have any questions about what we offer or what our pricing is, please feel free to reach out to our sales team. They are always happy to help!

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