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5 Facebook Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

As an insurance company, I know you are aware that the sales industry has dramatically changed. According to Zig Ziglar, “The sales professional of the twenty-first century has to be capable of adapting to change and using current technology.” Modern day technology means that your prospective clients are no longer calling your office directly; they are instead looking you up on the internet (basically your website and on social media).

Social media has come to stay; it is now a huge part of our everyday life. As an insurance agent, how you use Facebook for your insurance marketing can make or mar your business. Below are tips to help you successfully market your insurance agency and connect with clients through Facebook. –

Engagement is Key

Insurance policies are products that do not largely vary from one company to another. The type of customer service and experience provided is what makes a difference. When it comes to insurance, customers will buy from you because they like you; the product is only secondary to your character. Facebook is a valuable social media tool that allows you to measure your page’s engagement. You can monitor your page’s engagement weekly, showing your Page progress, post reach as well as engagement. This information will help you how your page followers respond to different media posts. You can alternate between sharing blog articles, videos, and unique photos for a start.

The aim of Facebook marketing is to make sure your business remains on top your prospective clients’ minds. The intent is that when they go to buy a new car or home, they will think of you first for insurance.

Know the Rules

Knowing the rules of the market is absolutely a best-practice before going too far out on a limb with your engagement ideas. First, you must be well acquainted with your state’s laws and regulations for insurance marketing. Never give out false information online when saying something because the internet never forgets. There’s always a permanent record.

Additionally, you must abide by Facebook’s policies besides meeting your state’s regulations. In addition to that, use Facebook judiciously as a gold mine not a dumping ground for random articles. The truth is, it’s not about the quantity but the quality of content being flowing through your page on a consistent basis.

Utilize Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads is a crucial tool for growing your online following. You can opt to customize your ad’s to target certain locations, interests, and demographics. You can likewise set how long an ad will run and chose your budget. You can start using Facebook ads for as little as $1 a day – however much money you want to spend.

Stay Social

Social media marketing requires a commitment to staying social. Your prospects want to interact with you on social media to get to know you as a person, not a company. As an independent insurance, this is a very crucial thing to remember always. The idea of social media is not to make immediate sales or get instant results, but to painstakingly build relationships with your followers and prospects. Therefore, use your Facebook to connect with your potential clients.

Use Facebook Regularly

By constantly seeing a local insurance agent in their News Feed, your business stays on the top of the prospective clients’ mind. Not many people go to Facebook to search for an insurance agent just for business or ask them for a quote. They instead want to connect with you. Leverage on this to remain on top of your prospects’ minds. These customers will search for you once they need your service as a quick way to reach your website or to find your contact number and other business information.

In Conclusion, as an insurance company or insurance agent using Facebook to attract new customers or maintain contact with existing clients, you need to remember the five basic rules of Facebook marketing for insurance companies:

Facebook is a social media platform, but the sales process and principles remain the same as anywhere else. Handle your business on Facebook with the same ethics you use for your offline business so as to safely expand your reach.


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