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Even though successful real estate agents come in many different forms and shapes, they share similar traits/habits that contribute to their success. Successful real estate agents are not lucky; they only have a strong passion, drive and desire for success. This includes meeting prospects and expanding their business at every opportunity they get.

Below are five habits that truly separate successful real estate agents from the competition:


  • They Keep Up With Technology

Always thinking outside the box, successful real estate agents are not afraid to learn and use new real estate technology and apps to boost their sales.  They’re an advanced user of real estate MLS system. The best agents are up-to-date on the latest technology trends, including digital marketing and SEO. This makes it easy for potential clients to find their listings. Real estate agents that aren’t keeping up with the most recent search engine algorithm updates from Google will be left in the dust by a diligent and successful agent who is.

TIP: Do you know that some agents now effectively use camera drones to take stunning imagery of their listings? Do not be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to using technology to improve your business.


  • Effective Communication

Another habit of successful real estate agents is effective communication. Routinely keeping in touch with past customers as well as their current sellers and buyers, successful real estate agents are great communicators! They call, send text messages and emails just to stay connected to their Sphere of Influence. The best agents respond to their phone calls, texts, and emails at the speed of light. They do not give room for second guessing. Why? Because they know that if they don’t snatch up a prospect real quick, a more attentive agent will.

Tip: Be the agent who communicates effectively and follows up with clients all through the transaction. By being friendly, accessible and approachable, you will make your client feel important and cared for, which is good for your business. Remember to mold your communication medium to suit the needs of each customer i.e if they prefer to text, then text; if they prefer to talk on the phone, then call.


  • Great Networking

Consistently networking with peers, networking groups and in social settings where they can make new friends aka potential future clients is a habit of great agents.

TIP: Don’t be intimidated by more successful agents, but emulate them. In fact, the best way to become better in your career is to spend time with expert real estate agents and pick their brains. The larger your sphere of influence is, the more successful you will become.


  • They know their market

Successful agents know the ins and outs of their target areas. They can tell prospects which options are the best, where the local hot-spots are, and the unique selling points of each area. That is why top agents are often called the “neighborhood experts.” Successful agents will also know how long houses have been on the market; which ones sold recently and for at what price.

TIP: To be successful in this business, you need to know your market thoroughly. Clients can smell confidence from a distance. This will greatly improve your conversion rate.


  • They Invest in Themselves and Their Business

Successful agents never stop learning. They understand fully well that complacency rots businesses inside out. They know that they themselves are their own brand and ensure that a well-defined and executed brand strategy is in place to affect all aspects of their business.

TIP: Always improve your business with regular upgrades but don’t forget about your own well-being while you’re at it. Even if you think you have made it to the top already, the day you stop learning is the day your business takes the downward turn.

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