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One key factor that every sales associate ought to have if they want to attain stellar leads in real estate are action plans!

Action plans will help keep you on target and make sure that you’re covering all of your bases. One such action set up ought to revolve around new listings. What do you do immediately after you take on new listings? Is there a series of steps you follow to ensure all of your tasks for this listing are fulfilled? What are the essential steps to perform after you take a brand new listing? Here are 5 key things you ought to do on every occasion you’re taking a brand new listing.

1. Take Good Photographs

Visuals and photos play an enormous part in property selling. Take lots of photos, and try various angles when getting each interior and exterior shots of your new listing. Find out which photos you would like to use together with your marketing efforts on your website and in print. Arrange your photos into different folders on your PC for easy access, and try posting them to online portals like Flickr. Good pictures are vital for your listing to be visually appealing to the buyer. Ensure your photos are current with the season of the year. You may take a brand new listing in late September once the grass and trees are still green, and in thirty days, your picture will look old and dated.

2. Add Properties To Social Media Channels

A lot of you would possibly have gotten a Facebook business page already. However, it’s possible you’re not using it to its fullest potential. You may be posting twenty times daily or not at all, however without having people who have “Liked” your page, then there’s no one on the page paying attention to what you’re posting. The simplest approach to do this is, of course, not just posting things frequently, but, using the tools that Facebook provides you as a page owner. One of the underutilized features is the ability to ask your email contacts to join your page. And why not? These are the people that know you, have possibly done business with you before, and therefore the people that you wish to focus on to get future referrals. Inviting email contacts is easy too. Invite your friends and Email contacts to your Facebook business page.

3. Write Many Advertisements

One of the basic duties of a true realtor is to put in writing, many good ads for brand new listings. Many realtors don’t spend the right quantity of time preparing and writing good advertisements. I’d encourage you to devote time early on to writing more than one advert description for your new listing. Also, track the calls and feedback you receive on your property so you can begin getting a good feel for which descriptions are working.

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4. Post To Online Classified Sites

With consumers thronging to the internet to search for homes, having an online presence is crucial. There are many interesting and time-saving sites that will help you post your latest listing to popular online listing publishers such as RealBird and Postlets. All that is required of you is to input your listing information and upload photos, and your listing will then be submitted to many of the sites where consumers search for houses.

5. Spend Weekends Holding Open Houses

If you’re looking for a bigger success with your open house, the first thing you need to know is how to get prospective buyers to show up. One of the best methods to attract people is by advertising the open house as widely as you can and as early as possible in the places where most buyers are lurking—especially on the Web. It’s exciting to see the clicks to your listings go up after you’ve started promoting the open house

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