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Agent Medicare Training: Ultimate Scripts Guide

Calling leads is no easy task, even the best Medicare agents stubble on talking to leads. Our goal is to help every agent from every stage to build their own scripts to become a sales pro. First we must address how scripts should be use. Scripts are there to guide, not to be read word for word. People can tell when you’re reading, you sound robotic, and we don’t want that!

When developing a script you should start off with these basic fundamentals:

  • Qualify the Lead
  • Build Rapport
  • Present Your Offer
  • Close the Deal

You should include these concepts as well as an opening for your calls. The opening should include who you are and why you’re calling, you don’t want to waste prospects time so get straight to the point.

Qualifying your Lead: Once you’ve gotten your prospects attention with your opening, you should ask your questions to confirm they are in need of what you’re offering. Sometimes it could be the wrong person or the wrong number, get through the basic information first then start to ask more detailed questions.

Build Rapport/Present your Offer: These two can go hand it hand, here your explain what you are offer and can add validity to who you are.

Close the Deal: Exactly how it sounds, often times you may need to follow up with a prospect, but it doesn’t hurt to ask initially and close the deal over the phone.

Objections: Objections will always come and you can often be prepared for them. While developing your script and even before your begin calling write down common questions and answer them. Simple questions like what is Medicare supplement? Or even Can I use the same doctor? But you should always be prepared for unknown questions, if asked one take your time and answer the question naturally and after the call write it down. The best way to handle objections is learn from your past calls!

With these tips you’ll be on your way to developing your perfect script! To get you started we’ve provided an example as well as a link to download a full pdf of insurance scripts with more references and tips.

Final Expense Script Example:

Hello, may I speak with Mr. or Mrs. ____________. My Name is ________. I’m calling from ABC Financial Services. I’m calling regarding a FREE QUOTATION for final expense insurance that we are providing people in your area. Our plans can save you 15,000 to 50,000 dollars on your funeral expenses and any outstanding debts you may leave behind. (since final expense insurance is not a popular product they may not know what final expense is and may ask…)

“WHAT IS FINAL EXPENSE?” Final Expense is a miniature life insurance policy that covers any outstanding bills and burial expenses that you may leave behind. That way your family doesn’t get stuck with the bills. (At this point, the customer may start to give out objections or ask questions. Rebuttals come very handy, when you deliver your rebuttals, you have to sound very confident)

The plans are very affordable and we offer the most competitive prices. Even if you have a fixed income we have special pricing that can help. This will just take a few minutes and can save you thousands of dollars! Is Final Expense important to you right now? (Wait for answer) Closer: What is the best time to have one of our senior reps to give you a call tomorrow? (Next order of business is to start gathering the information that you need in order to qualify them, now, keep in mind that these is important information so you can expect the customer to bit hesitant to give them out to you. One good advice is to sound casual and to let them know that you need those information in order for you to provide them the best quote or solution that you can offer.)

I just need to get some basic information…

1. Verify name

2. Husband age, wife age

3. Do you smoke, does your wife/husband smoke?

4. Do you have any serious medical conditions?

5. Verify the address

(Before you end the call, make the appointment solid by reminding them of the company and the appointment date and time. If you can, ask them to write it down, this would really help to make sure that they don’t forget it.) Great, that is all the information I need but BEFORE I CLOSE THIS CALL I WILL LEAVE YOU WITH THE COMPANY NAME AGAIN. DO YOU HAVE A PEN & PAPER HANDY?


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