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Upon entertaining the release of a mobile app for our dialer, we turned to the people (our customers) to let them decide whether we should develop an iPhone or Droid app first… iPhone WON. Don’t worry Droid users your app is next.

Many of our users are always on the move and use their car, coffee shop or hotel as their office. So we’ve given our dialer mobility with the iPhone app. Inside the app you can view your calendar for that day or any day, create and call appointments.

You can view your real-time alerts for call reminders, appointment reminders and email read notifications as well as real-time lead alerts. And you can call any of these contact alerts. All of your leads and lead information are at your fingertips where you can add leads on the fly. And don’t forget about reports… Calling Reports with recordings and Campaign Statistics on campaigns you’ve called are also readily available.

Mobility is just one factor contributing to our customers’ success and if mobile access to their lead pipeline is important to our customers… it’s important to us. Droid users keep your eyes out for your mobile app coming soon.

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