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Can cold calling be effective?  In a word, yes. But the how is a bit more lengthy.  Who likes cold calling? ….. Anyone? No. Who likes to be cold called? ….. Again, no one. So how can cold calling be effective, you may ask.  Well, here are a few tips on how to cold call effectively.  

Call at the right time of day

Set call times when people are more likely to be available. Depending on your target market, these times could vary greatly.  For example, for Real Estate, you are looking for people who have a steady job so calling between 10am and 3pm are likely not going to get you a very high answer rate. If you are calling for Medicare, those times would be ideal, so knowing the best times to call for your targeted market will help tremendously.  

Also, be mindful of time zones and times when calls are not permitted.  Be aware of what time zone your prospects are in so that you aren’t calling someone in California at 7am.  By the same token, there are federal calling laws that do not allow calling before and after certain times of the day. 

Use targeted data

Simply gathering a list of anyone with a pulse is not going to net you many interested responses. You must use targeted data in order to get the best chances in cold calling. Using a data list with filters is a great way to do this.  Searching by area, age range and income range can give you targeted data while still giving you enough numbers to call to keep you busy for a little while.  

Let technology do the work

Bring cold calling into the digital age by letting technology do all the tedious work for you. Cold calling software has come a long way and there are lots of ways you can utilize it to increase your productivity with cold calls. From dialing multiple numbers at once to keeping track of your leads and contacts, this is definitely a tool you should invest in. 

Focus on the task at hand

 You shouldn’t have a dozen windows open while you are cold calling. This will only distract you and distractions prevent you from actively listening to your prospect. When you are not actively listening, they know it.  If you are not interested in them, they are not interested in you. Be present, be focused, and make sure you listen!  

Use your scripts

Scripts have been put together for just about every industry that uses cold calling.  These scripts have been tested and proven to be effective. If your company has a script they want you to use, make sure you use it.  These keep you from saying things that could get the company in trouble. Many of them will offer rebuttals for if/when people initially say no. 

Embrace rejection

Rejection is a part of sales regardless of what you are selling. Don’t let rejection define you or take it personally.  Embrace it! Learn from it! Every no is a lesson on what to do better to get a yes!

Practice, Practice, Practice

The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is a truism that is not utilized enough in this instant gratification world we live in.  Be passionate about your sales and dedicate time to practice your pitch. Ask family members and friends to let you practice on them.  Chances are they want you to succeed as much as you do.


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