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Dialfire Product Comparison:

Dialfire is a cloud-based dialer that generates your browser into an outbound call center, similar to In comparison SalesDialers has proven to be much more valuable and effective, while still being an affordable product. With Dialfire customers have to pay per minute, whereas with SalesDialers each customer is able to customize their calls with the choice of an hourly plan, an unlimited monthly plan, or an unlimited yearly plan. With SalesDialers you are looking at a $4 per hour rate and with Dialfire you are looking at a $.90 per minute rate.

Dialfire doesn’t have nearly as many features as SalesDialers has to offer. Unlike SalesDialers, Dialfire doesn’t offer email marketing, email blasts, drip e-mails, social media integration, time zone protection, or the ability to transfer live calls. Ultimately Dialfire offers a similar product, but SalesDialers offers a more powerful and beneficial product.

Import Leads – Excel Yes Yes
Lead Management Yes Yes
Agent Management Yes Yes
Emails Yes No
Auto Drip Emails Yes No
Email Blasts Yes No
# of Lines 1, 2, 3 or 4 1
Analytics Yes Yes
Transfer Live Calls Yes No
Inbound Calls and Inbound Voice Mail Yes Yes
Real-Time Leads Post Yes No
Pre-Recorded Messages for Answering Machines Yes Yes
Time Zone Protection Yes No
Change Caller ID Yes Yes
Record Phone Calls Yes Yes
Social Media Integration Yes No
Use Any Computer with Set-up Again Yes Yes
Cost ? Per Minute Unlimited Dialing, No Per Minute Charges $.95 Cents Per Minute
Cost – Monthly $79 to $129 $9150, based on 8 hour work day.

New to SalesDialers?

If you’d like to try SalesDialers’ power dialer start with our $10 10 Day Trial! If you decide you don’t like it we’ll refund your money! Sign up today!

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